The Seven Years’ War, the World Cup and a Looming Nergal …

A comparison with the next 6 months with the astrology of the Seven Years War of 1756.

Later note: This newsletter talks of a conflict similar to the Seven Years War breaking out in mid July 2006. The newsletter hoped that the World Cup a battle between nations would be enough to “soak up the energy” however it has come to pass that the Middle East of 2006 is the Europe of 1756. This newsletter indicates that the hostilities between Israel and Lebanon will escalate later in the year

The Rhythm of a City; using a parapegma in the 21st century.

The use of the annual pattern of heliacal rising stars that are unique for a given latitude to gain insights into the pulse of a city or place.

Fixed Stars, why bother?

By Bernadette Brady Co author of Starlight Software.. Returning the Stars to Astrology (First Published Astrological Association of UK, Journey, […]