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Welcome to Starlight Software

Starlight is a virtuoso program for helping you discover the sky, the myths and the meanings of fixed stars.

Starlight goes beyond normal charting techniques, enabling you to see the image of the sky on the day you were born, and what stars make up the foundations of your life. Starlight is:

  • unique, powerful astrological software
  • a planetariam for astrologers
  • a tool for fixed star research
  • a way to produce fixed star reports for your clients 

Natal Reports

Let Starlight tell you about your natal chart, your star parans, your Heliacal Rising & Setting Stars.

Your Fixed Star Report

Begin your journey of encountering the importance  of fixed stars in your astrology
by purchasing a Fixed Star Natal Report with or without Sky Maps.

Learn about the stars

This website is a resource for you to learn about visual astrology and fixed stars.


We have a large repository of articles that can give you an insight into all aspects of the sky.


New to fixed stars and visual astrology?

We have put together a few short tutorials on some of the basic concepts and ideas we work with. Find out more about: 

  • The celestial sphere
  • Diurnal motion and parans
  • Star aspects