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Now that you have seen what Starlight can do, you can use the button below to purchase the software. Starlight is a downloadable product so you can begin using it right away.

Please note: Starlight runs on all versions of Windows, but does not run on MAC OS without a Windows partition. Check the system requirements for more information.

Also think about joining the Star School – a 6 week online set of class taught by Bernadette Brady. This is a self- study course and once you enrol you have six months to complete it – click here for more information. 

Visual Astrology Training

The following training workshops, CDs, lectures and learning materials are available from Bernadette Brady.



A variety of online workshops bought to you by AsroLogos 

Acclaimed experts and authors Bernadette Brady and Darrelyn Gunzburg bring you an entire catologue of self-study workshops.

Star School


A special Online School on Stars

A six-week online school taught by Bernadette Brady – Self Study. Take your star work to a new level! 

Natal Reports

Let Starlight tell you about your natal chart, your star parans, your Heliacal Rising & Setting Stars.

Full Fixed Star Report

Begin your journey of encountering the importance  of fixed stars in your astrology by
purchasing a Fixed Star Natal Report with or without Sky Maps.