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The Fixed Stars and Your Chart

Explore and Learn the Sky

The Ancient Star Calendar... The Parapegma

3,000 years ago the parapegma was the centre of daily life. When people lived by the rising and setting of stars. A engraved stone, with peg holes, so that pegs could be placed in the correct position, announcing the first visibility of certain stars. Which stars ruled the day, the period, when to plant and when to harvest.

The Star Catalogue

Starlight has over 9,000 stars – every visible star in the night sky. The star catalogue has been complied starting with ALL of Ptolemy’s bright stars, and his comments. Added to this master set of stars is all of the Yale Bright Star Catalogue plus additional material on star names gathered from many sources. If a star has a name, it is in Starlight, if a star just has a number but can be seen, it is also in Starlight….

Starlight allows you to use ALL of these 9,000 stars in chart work, the parapegma and of course the night sky.. Never before have astrologers had access to the whole visible sky.

In order to handle this extraordinary large star catalogue Starlight provides you with ways of searching and selecting stars, to create your own star sets.

The section below shows some animated demonstrations to help you understand Starlight.

Creating a Chart

Viewing the natal fixed star parans

See a birth chart in the sky and printing out a Sky Map