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This page gives an overview of some of the major features of Starlight.

Sky Map – Learn the night sky, learn the myths and meanings.

Click on a star for its meaning and star phase, or click on a constellation for its mythology, and image. View the sky at the same time as a natal chart, and move the chart and the sky together. At last! The night sky on your desktop in an astrological framework. Never again will you look at the starry sky, and wonder ‘what star is that?’ or ‘where is a particular constellation?’

Work with Fixed Stars and their meanings in your natal charts.

What stars are underneath the floorboards of your natal chart? Starlight works in parans, using either the ancient Egyptian method, or the technique of the Romans, or the modern paran methods of the western world. Print out natal charts and their parans with short meaning to help you learn and to share with clients.

Natal Fixed Star Reports.

Full Fixed Star reports for any natal chart 10 to 18 pages long. Whatever method you choose, Starlight will give you information about the stars in different ways. You can produce a short paran report, or a full report 10 to 18 pages long. The 64 main stars in the sky have all been delineated, in combination with all of the visible planets. This research and text have been produced by Bernadette Brady, author of Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, and represents an entire new body of astrological knowledge. View an example of these reports.


You can animate everything: the sky, the chart, the parans, whatever you have open. Move a chart with the sky in the same window. Leap seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months or years, continuous or in steps.


Starlight proudly returns the parapegma to the astrologer’s tool kit. A parapegma is a star calendar, and it will show you the Heliacal Rising or setting star ruling a given time period for a particular location. It will also show you the morning and evening rising stars, and planetary ingresses, and enable you to create a chart for any of these celestial events. This opens the door to knowing what star is going to rule a given period of time, an essential starting point for Mundane Fixed Star work.

Starlight Star Catalogue

This is the largest ever made available to astrologersStarlight has a full catalogue of every star visible to the naked eye. Based on the Yale Bright Star Catalogue, it includes all of Ptolemy’s 1100 stars, and has been further enhanced with substantial additions from Richard Hinckley Allen’s masterwork on star names. Every named star (over 350) and all the others you can see in the night sky. 

This provides you with over 9000 stars in all. Simple Star Catalogue tools enable you to work with the entire catalogue in any area of Starlight, whether viewing the night sky, or printing a report on a natal chart, or creating sets of stars based on name, location, colour of stars, magnitude – or any combination of the above. Save these sets to use later


For the first time, astrologers can now do research on fixed stars, via the ancient technique of parans. Search all of the Starlight projects, or your own chart files, for people with particular star and planet combinations. Work with precise stars, with particular planets, on particular angles, at a particular star phase. This, linked with the power to create star sets from Starlight’s vast star catalogue, means that if, for example, you want to do research on bright red stars, in paran with Venus, in the charts of musicians – then you can!

Mundane Star work and Mundane Reports

Introducing a new field for astrological research. Mundane work with fixed stars – delineated!

When a hard aspect occurs by transit, it will have a greater impact in some places in the world than in others, based on the fixed star parans involved with the hard aspects. Starlight enables you to produce a Mundane Star Report for any time and location, to see what planetary and star combinations are affecting a location at any time.

Flexible multi-chart display – Multiple charts and windows can be open at the same time, all of which are able to show different settings, different views, different charts, different sky maps – greater user-friendliness than previously available to astrologers.


Over 600 charts and Biographies of the people that astrology forgot

Because paran work does not require a time of birth, Starlight provides you with the charts and biographies of over 600 people. The Red Baron, Richard the Lion Hearted, the man who invented the Christmas card, women who were great mathematicians, great athletes, the world’s smallest human being. This is a collection of people that astrology has never before been able to consider. By examining their stars, and their lives, you can gain insight into the way a star is working. Search this collection of charts for stars that you have in your own chart, to learn more about their meaning.

Automatic page layout for printing

You tell Starlight what you want on the page, and it will arrange it for you. Including a Print Preview ability, to allow you to see and alter what you are printing, BEFORE you print.


Printout charts with different wheels and varying objects on the page. Paran reports, full or short, with total page layout control. And sky maps. All in colour or black and white. And you get to see everything on the page before you print.


Add your own charts, or import your own collection of charts from Solar Fire, Jigsaw etc. Export any charts from Starlight for import into other Astrology programs.

Other features

Numerous house systems; easy control of aspecting, colours, and display points; aspecting – applying and separating, and by moiety; The Bluestone Atlas included free of charge as well as ACS atlas compatible. Starlight also uses the Swiss ephemeris files for the greatest accuracy of planetary positions.