Listed in reverse chronological order.

Version, 15th October 2002

  • Problems with certain international (non-English) Windows Regional Settings for month abbreviations, time and decimal separator fixed.
  • Enhance natal fixed star report layout:
    • Fix double printing of “with compliments” on front sheet.
    • Prevent overlapping of long paran titles when wrapped onto second line.
    • Centre alignment of titles when printed B&W fixed.
    • Star legend page improved and page header skipped correctly.
    • Solve intermittent repeat of last line on the top of next page.
  • Correct Alcabitius house calculation.
  • Skymap – The disappearance of grid lines of longitude/azimuth/RA when “pole” on display fixed.
  • Advanced star selection when editing sets of stars – results can be sorted by declination column.
  • Find in Sky – searching for stars by Bayer name e.g. “Mu Lep” or “Tau 9 Eri” fixed.
  • Animation – correctly increments through “year zero”.
  • About Star – show the star’s altitude both with and without (absolute) the effects of refreaction.
  • Tidy printer dialog.
  • General formatting – consistently show 0 as positive e.g. +00°00″.


  • Delineation text added for Thuban as a Zyntara Publications star.
  • Constellation pictures for Lynx (none) and Pisces Australis corrected.
  • Ptolemy’s description of stars, translated from the Latin text of the Almagest, corrected.
  • General correction of typographical errors.

Bluestones Atlas

  • Problems with summer time lookup for certain locations over 1946 to 1947 fixed.

Version, 9th July 2002 – 2011

  • Initial public release