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The story of Starlight began many years ago with individual work being undertaken by the authors however after a series of email exchanges Bernadette Brady and Sarah Ashton of Barnswood Ltd, met for the first time in September, 2000 at the AA's annual astrological conference. Within hours of meeting they had formed a collaborative partnership to combine their expertise to create Starlight. Then the work really started and Starlight with much effort by all concerned was ready for its first release by UAC, 2002 in the USA.

Bernadette Brady is the author of Predictive Astrology, the Eagle and the Lark (Weisers 1992, 1998) and Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (Weisers USA 1998). Brady is a international astrological lecturer, and co-principle of Astro Logos. She lives in Bristol, UK and is currently undertaking the Masters Program at Bath Spa University College in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology.

Sarah Ashton is a director of Barnswood Ltd, a UK company that specialises in the development of bespoke software and database systems. Ashton is a mathematician with 17 years experience in software design and IT consultancy, developing software for a variety of industries. She has had a passion for the night sky since her childhood, and started studying both astronomy and astrology at that time.

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