- Looking at our year overview from January and checking the March predictions against the actual events. 

The Man who could be King and Venus once again gives us medical miracles.

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In the January 2012 Newsletter we gave an overview of how 2012 might unfold using the tool of visual astrology. Now throughout the course of this year we will begin each newsletter with a reflection on what was implied by the visual astrology and what actually took place. 


March was an intriguing month. Jupiter was joined by a bright Venus as it moved through the Stare of Cetus, that part of the ecliptic that passes between the stare of Cetus the sea monster and the head of the Gorgon held by Perseus marked by the star Algol. Mythologically this is a part of the ecliptic that cuts through this zone of the deadly stare between the two foes.  When Jupiter and a bright Venus last met in this place it was in April 1905 and in the January newsletter we cited the reports in The Times newspaper of a victory against malaria through understanding link between standing water, mosquitoes and the disease. It was a celebration fuelled by the joy that now the noble heroes of the British troops in the tropics were finally going to be protected from this scourge.


Thus in January we asked the question of the forthcoming March:

What is it now that threatens our 'noble heroes' of the western world?  Finances, warring forces, disease? This will be one to watch.

Three separate stories emerged over the course of March, two of which dealt with remarkable medical miracles, and one which dealt with Prince Harry, the 'spare' Crown Prince, visiting the tropics.


From the BBC site: Jupiter and Venus in early March 2012 over moor land at Windy Hill in the South Pennines,
looking towards Rochdale, England. Low cloud has been lit up by the lights of the town below.



The Man who could be King


The month of March started with images of Prince Harry as he conducted his first solo visit to Brazil to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year. The UK and USA media ran stories of the second in line to the throne, the 'spare' Crown Prince, walking through the deprived areas of Rio de Janeiro and being swamped by children and people. The story was picked up in the USA with one report from USA Today stating:


Prince Harry has gone where no royal has gone before, apparently, deep in the heart of a Brazilian shantytown, where he played Pied Piper to a crowd of kiddies and joined in a game of cricket. [1]




Jupiter has always been associated with the Crown Prince or a person who was a potential threat to the crown. Thus as Jupiter moved into this most difficult place on the ecliptic, the 'Crown Prince' was located in a difficult or harsh place. However, his role was as a most honoured guest, thus as he received the radiating light from Venus - Ishtar - he was exalted. As discussed in earlier newsletters, the sky narratives 'look' for a worldly expression and then appear to flood into them, turning them into major news stories.


This story in itself could have passed unnoticed except for an interesting point. This is not the first time that Prince Harry, the spare heir to the British throne, has been the representative for the sky when it has talked of matters to do with the Crown Prince.  


In 2007 Jupiter moved through the stars of Scorpio, always considered a difficult place of war and aggression by the Assyrian priest. At this time the English papers were full of the debate on whether Prince Harry, a member of the UK armed forces,  should be allowed to be deployed to Afghanistan.

The solution was found by secretly dispatching him into active service in Afghanistan. However, when Venus joined Jupiter in February 2008 in the stars of the great warrior Sagittarius, the media discovered his presence at the front. As the news broke that he was fighting in Afghanistan he was instantly recalled to England.[2]


If we think like one of the Assyrian astrologer priests, the question that begins to emerge out of visual astrology and is why is it that when the 'Crown Prince' is being stressed in the sky narrative that it is Harry and not his elder brother Prince William who is in the news? Thus visual astrology begins to ask, who is the 'Crown Prince'?  What do the heavens know that we do not?



Venus once again brings Medical Miracles


On 17 March, at 6.11 pm UK time, the UK Premier League footballer Fabrice Muamba collapsed in the middle of a major televised football game - an FA Cup quarter final. He suffered total heart failure and simply fell to the ground. It was 48 minutes from when he collapsed to reaching hospital and a further 30 minutes after that before a medical team could restore his heart beat. He was thus 'dead' for 78 minutes.[3] His life was miraculously saved through the simple fact that his heart failed not when he was exercising by himself at training but while he was in the middle of a premier league football match. As a result of previous occasions when emergencies have occurred during football matches with inadequate medical facilities, now in the UK there is automatically a highly trained paramedical team on stand-by.


Additionally, there was also by chance the right  cardiac surgeon among the spectators. Dr Andrew Deaner, consultant cardiologist at London Chest Hospital was at the game as a fan and ran onto the pitch to lend his expertise.[4]. Most importantly he directed the ambulance to his own hospital even though it took further to reach intime, as he knew they had the equipment to potentially to bring the young player back to life.


It has been hailed here in the UK as a medical miracle, for although Muamba has a long road to recovery, his life was saved.


One blogger wondered why the story has received so much UK press, but once again the Venus saving the Jupiter from the jaws of death found an expression in the young athlete's story. The string of coincidences that led to the young man's life being saved is, according to visual astrology,  the expression of the bright Venus shining on Jupiter.


Richard Norris before and after his face transplant Meanwhile at around the same time in the USA, another medical miracle story was unfolding. This is the story of Richard Norris who on 19 and 20 March received a full face transplant at the University of Maryland Medical Centre. Norris had received his injuries when he accidentally shot himself in the face in 1997.


The success of the face transplant is being hailed as a medical miracle as Norris, who had been living the life of a recluse, now has his life restored to him.


Both these medical stories are of young men who have been locked into the Jaws of Cetus: Norris since his accident of 1997, and Muamba living the life of a professional athlete, unaware of his potentially lethal heart disorder.

We have all been enjoying the Venus Jupiter conjunction visually, as the image above shows, but visual astrology suggests that these beautiful sky events are more than just visual delights. They articulate events on earth through large and small stories. So look around your own environment and see how they may have manifested for you at this time.



1 http://content.usatoday.com/communities/entertainment/post/2012/03/prince-harry-lights-up-beach-and-slum-in-rio/1#.T3glNaspPfc   accessed 20 3 2012

2.http://news.sky.com/home/uk-news/article/1307389 accessed 20 3 2012

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Issue No. 84
March 2012

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In this issue we recapitulate on what we anticipated might happen in the January newsletter for March and what actually happened in March as a way of tracking the validity of visual astrology.

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April 2012

Saturn is now with Spica and will rise just after sunset. As for March, Saturn, the king, holds the rule of the night sky and is joined by the Moon on 7th April. Once again, that for which you have worked hard will be successfully gained. 

Jupiter disappears from view in the middle of the month and begins his period of begin in the 'other place'. We will not see Jupiter until late May when he will emerge in his .Sulpa'e phase.

Mars is now visible at sunset heralding the rising of Saturn as darkness falls. Mars is playing out an interesting story around its retrograde path back to but not reaching the King star, Regulus. The king is challenged later in the year but retains his position. This is another indicator of Obama's success at the forthcoming US elections.  

Venus is still a bright evening star and on 3 April she makes one of her rare passes directly over the Pleiades. In late April she is riding the horns of the great Cosmic Bull, Taurus - watch for her in the early evening.

The crescent of the New Moon will be on 22 April as it joins Jupiter who is just disappearing into the sun's light. 

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