The Visual Astrology Face of Facebook -
a look at the phenomenon that has changed how we network socially with each other.

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A note on Venus and the Symplegades

Last month in early December we noted that Venus as a bright Morning Star from 'late December ... passes through the Symplegades - the gates of Libra - always linked to times of sudden decisions. The week between Christmas and New Year will contain a few unexpected events that need a fast decision.' (December 2010 VAN).

The global weather conditions in the UK, as well as parts of Europe and the USA, caused havoc with air travel and postal services, causing disruption to Christmas travel plans and most businesses.

Given that Venus empowers the places through which she travels as well as any planets that are in her vicinity when she is bright, we think that the Symplegades are worth watching!



This is Orion Star Count Week!
(for people in the UK)

31 January - 6 February 2011

The British Astronomical Association's Campaign for Dark Skies is asking people in the UK to count the stars they can see in Orion on any night between 31 January to 6 February 2011.

Once you have counted the stars you can log onto their website and submit your star count.

They are then going to compile a map of the light pollution within the UK in order to help campaign for the protection of our night skies from light pollution.

You can visit their website to learn how you can take part in this important project.

The constellation Orion,
seen without light pollution.



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The Visual Astrology Face of Facebook
 By Darrelyn Gunzburg

‘For connecting
more than
half a billion people
and mapping the social relations
among them,
for creating a new system
of exchanging information
and for changing
how we live our lives,
Mark Elliot Zuckerberg is
TIME's 2010 Person of the Year.’

In less than seven years, Mark Zuckerberg has woven the fabric of humanity together rather like Star Trek’s The Borg. If you are one of the ones who has resisted Facebook, be warned: you will be assimilated.

A twelfth of humanity connects into this single social entity that started out as a prank and turned into a device that has changed the way human beings across the world relate to one another.

With membership already almost twice as large as the USA, as the article in TIME online notes, if Facebook were a country it would be the third largest, behind China and India.[1]

Facebook has established ‘lock-in’, the act or instance of becoming unalterable, and has made Zuckerberg a billionaire six times over.

Here are some facts:

* One out of every dozen people on the planet has a Facebook account.

* They speak 75 languages.

* They collectively spend more than 700 billion minutes on Facebook every month.

* In December 2010 the site accounted for 1 out of 4 American page views.

* Its membership is currently growing at a rate of about 700,000 people a day.

Zuckerberg’s natal horoscope

In his natal horoscope Zuckerberg has his Sun-Venus in Taurus opposite a Moon-Saturn-Mars conjunction in Scorpio and trine to Jupiter in Capricorn. 

One might look in apprehension at the Moon in detriment (in Scorpio) conjunct Saturn and be concerned that there may have been a traumatic birth (Moon in Scorpio) from which separation from mother and the embedding of separation anxiety ensued (Moon-Saturn). Or we could look at this in a medieval astrological manner and see a moon besieged between Saturn and Mars.

One would also look at the Mercury in Aries opposition Pluto and delineate this as an obsessive mind, someone who worries a great deal over small things (Mercury-Pluto) and someone who thinks independently (Mercury in Aries).

Above: Natal chart for Mark Zuckerberg. 14 May, 1984, White Plains, New York. Time unknown. Planets calculated for noon and using whole sign houses.


Indeed we might surmise from these two aspects in his horoscope that this is someone who thinks independently (Mercury in Aries) and who has to contend with obsession and worry (Mercury-Pluto). This is also someone who is sensitive to issues of emotional trust and betrayal (Moon in Scorpio) as well as emotional rejection (Moon-Saturn/ Venus-Saturn) and defends himself through hard work (Mars-Saturn), commitment (Venus-Saturn) and the accumulation of material goods (Sun-Venus in Taurus) and it is this that brings him joy and optimism (Venus trine Jupiter).

Yet as TIME online notes, the Zuckerberg household was a supportive one that produced confident children:

Above: Mark Zuckerberg with the poster for The Social Network, a film staring Jesse Eisenberg, which dramatises the rise of Facebook.com, and the controversial actions Zuckerberg took to get to the top.

'Zuckerberg isn't alienated, and he isn't a loner. He's the opposite. He's spent his whole life in tight, supportive, intensely connected social environments: first in the bosom of the Zuckerberg family, then in the dorms at Harvard and now at Facebook, where his best friends are his staff.'[2]

Indeed one could suggest that Zuckerberg's construction of 'tight, supportive, intensely connected social environments' (Moon in Scorpio conjunct Saturn opposition Venus in Taurus) is the way he handles fear of rejection (Venus-Saturn) and separation anxiety (Moon-Saturn).

Zuckerberg’s skymap

So let us look at the story that emerges when we consider Zuckerberg’s skymap. Not surprisingly his Venus is in the Stare of Cetus - the emergence into the collective of a deep hidden issue (Cetus) which affects how he - and thus we - relates to others (Venus); and Mercury sits close to the knot of The Fishes, the ability to bring two opposing ideas together and, using his mind, create something new (the knot of The Fishes). Zuckerberg says he created Facebook because he wanted to map the way we relate. Where earlier entrepreneurs looked at the Internet and saw a network of computers, Zuckerberg saw a network of people.

According to his father young Mark was ‘strong-willed and relentless’:

'For some kids, their questions could be answered with a simple yes or no,' he says. 'For Mark, if he asked for something, yes by itself would work, but no required much more. If you were going to say no to him, you had better be prepared with a strong argument backed by facts, experiences, logic, reasons. We envisioned him becoming a lawyer one day, with a near 100% success rate of convincing juries.'[3]

Above: Zuckerberg and Microsoft co-founder Bill  Gates.

More information from Zuckerberg's parans

Mercury is in paran with Procyon in Canis Major the Little Dog:
One who can adapt to changing situations. To have varied interests in both
intellectual and/or financial areas and to show great adeptness.

Zuckerberg's independence of thinking (Mercury in Aries in his natal horoscope) which can tie two opposing ideas together (Mercury close to the knot of The Fishes in his skymap) is also highly adaptive. Zuckerberg has been quoted as saying Facebook is not the end of his ideas but the beginning, thus with Mercury in paran with Procyon he is able to adapt to the fluid nature of the internet. Indeed one of the gifts of Procyon is the ability to diversify interests.

Venus is in paran with Zuben Eschamali in the Scales of Libra:
To feel strongly about what is right, and what is wrong.
To have strong opinions about fashion, social customs
or acceptable behaviour within society

Here we gain an insight into Zuckerberg's difficult Venus in the Stare of Cetus which carries so much collective angst about staying connected with others in the world. Beyond Facebook Zuckerberg envisages a web organised around our closest friends. These friends are what we will see when we log on to the web. Zuckerberg believes it is their reviews and comments - what they've bought through Amazon and why, what they've viewed on YouTube, and so on - that will be most meaningful to us because we know them as friends and we place value on their relationship to us. Such comments therefore have value because they have a social context.

 Venus is also in paran with Alphard , the heart of the Serpent:
To be harshly judged or treated in matters of money, relationships or social attitudes.
A desire for strong, intense passionate relationships

Zuckerberg freely admits that 'almost any mistake you can make in running a company, I've probably made.' The film about the rise of Facebook, The Social Network, was focused around the 2004 lawsuit brought against Zuckerberg by Cameron Winklevoss, Tyler Winklevoss and Divya Narendra. The lawsuit was subsequently settled out of court on 25 June, 2008, when Facebook agreed to transfer over 1.2 million common shares and pay $20 million in cash. This is one expression of Venus in paran with Alphard. However, Zuckerberg has a gift for inspiring loyalty, another expression of Venus in paran with Alphard. As TIME online notes: 'Zuckerberg loves being around people. He didn't build Facebook so he could have a social life like the rest of us. He built it because he wanted the rest of us to have his.'[4]

Continuing on with looking at Zuckerberg's skymap, we see that Jupiter sits in the face of the Archer. Jupiter in visual astrology is the Crown Prince, the one who prepares, the one who will take the crown one day, and in Zuckerberg's skymap this translates as the pursuit of knowledge (Jupiter) with clear-eyed focus and intensity (the face of the Archer). This is someone without a half-way measure in such areas.

The Moon, Saturn and Mars cross through the Symplegades, the pair of rocks at the Bosphorus which in Greek mythology clashed together randomly. This is a place where Jason and his Argonauts had to cross and once through, the Symplegades stopped clashing forever. So it is a place where decisions that are disruptive, and which could be life-threatening, are made. In visual astrology Saturn is the king and Mars is the standing army that serves the king. This could be attributed to Zuckerberg and his team at Facebook. It suggests that the decisions he takes may not be life-threatening per se but they certainly cause social change.

In conclusion...

Zuckerberg is part of the last generation of human beings who will remember life before the Internet when separation of space and distance for those we love meant you saw them rarely. Facebook and Zuckerberg's plans for it offers us the opportunity for constant contact. As we see an increase in fear and paranoia around terrorism, the economy, organised finances, and disrupted weather patterns, so we are also seeing an increasing need to stay close to those we love and trust. Perhaps one begets the other and maybe, just maybe, the Facebook phenomenon could not have happened without the current slew of economic and weather crises.

Nevertheless however it is manifesting, the word 'Facebook' has entered our language permanently and the way we relate to others will never be the same again. These skymaps and these parans that belong to Mark Zuckerberg are reflective of the social phenomenon that is Facebook.

1. http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,2036683_2037183,00.html - accessed 28 January 2011.
2. As above.
3. As above.
4. As above.



Issue No. 73
January, 2011

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In brief...

A look at the social phenomenon known as Facebook through the visual astrology of its creator, Mark Zuckerberg.



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February 2011

Saturn still claims the early morning sky, rising to culmination before the sun rises. If you are up early before  dawn look for Saturn near the bright star Spica in Virgo.


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Venus continues as the bright Morning Star visible. On 11 Feb, she joins Pluto in the Bow of the Archer thereby radiating this difficult planet and star combination. This could be a difficult day for many of us.

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