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Starlight is the fixed star and visual astrology software
recommended in the book "Star and Planet Combinations" (2008) Wessex Astrologer, by Bernadette Brady.

What does Starlight add to your Astrology?
Starlight allows you to return to the genesis of astrology and ask questions such as:.

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How bright is your natal Venus?
What star myths are in your life?
What was the sky story on the day you were born?
What is your Heliacal Rising Star?
What is your Heliacal Setting Star?
What are the star myths that are linked to your chart?

Starlight gives you the dome of the heavens.
Starlight helps you with your chart readings.
Starlight gives your astrology depth.
Starlight allows you to get into Visual Astrology.

A Visual Astrology overview of 2012 - The Heavenly Patterns of 2012 - a look at the year ahead using visual astrology

Starlight and the world events of 2011 - Explaining the Arab Revolts According to the Ancient Astrology of the Islamic World
by Nicholas Campion.
Feb 2011 V.A.N.

Starlight used to show the outbreak of terrorism for July - Sept 2005
The article - Nergal claims the empty sky: a return to the summer of 1800

July 2005 V.A.N.

Starlight used to predict the death of John Paul II
The article - The Gathering of Kings
February 2005 V.A.N.

Starlight used to explore the Christmas Nativity
scene and find it written in the sky.
December 2005 V.A.N.

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Let Starlight tell you about
your natal chart, your star parans,
your Heliacal Rising & Setting Stars

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