Available courses

Grand aspect patters produce compelling narratives that can dominate a life. This course looks at the Grand Cross, the Mystic Rectangle, the Grand Trine and its additions of the Kite and Star of David, and finally the Yod and focused Yod. 

Reading Charts: Seeing Story takes you beyond the meanings of a simple aspect or planetary cluster and teaches you how to see the story and patterns contained in the horoscope. 

Current Summer School 

This school engages you with four important Medieval Astrology tools. These are the tools that Bernadette has slowly selected over the years to add to her own astrology work. 

This unique Summer School is focused on teaching you how to draw up and read a Time Map – the blending of Transits with Secondary Progressions.  As individuals we do not experience life as a series of separate events. Rather, we live our life in story or narrative. A Time Map focuses this idea of narrative, the narrative that is created astrologically by the blending of transits with progressions and larger cycles in your life.    

By bringing all of these astrological tools together we allow the narrative to be revealed. The tool to achieve this result is the Time Map.  

The Summer School in Secondary Progressions provides an in-depth focus on the role of Secondary Progressions as a predictive tool in astrology. If transits indicate the events in our lives, progressions show us how we are reacting to those events. We have all experienced times of flow or ease, while at other times no matter how hard you try, things go astray and life seems tough. 

Progressions provide the astrologer with the tools to look at this flow and indicate how you can help yourself, your  family or your clients to step into the flow, rather than push against the odds.

This school is focused on the predictive tool of transits. It builds your understanding of the individual components of a transit so that you can learn the craft of reading a person's predictive narrative working with a Time Map. The course is taught by Bernadette Brady and based on her book Predictive Astrology, The Eagle and the Lark.  

Reading Charts: The Foundations focuses on the craft of reading charts. You can only learn how to understand and work with complex aspects in a chart by first learning the foundations. You will then be in a position to use this knowledge to be able to see the unique stories within a horoscope.

The course is taught by Darrelyn Gunzburg.