Starlight Natal Reports
Starlight can generate a full fixed star report on a natal chart.

Starlight produces both a short one-page Paran Analysis listing
as well as a full natal chart Fixed Star Report usually about 12 to 18 pages in length.
You can read examples of both these types of fixed star information by clicking on a link below.

The text is written by Bernadette Brady author of Brady's Book of Fixed Stars (Weisers,1999)


Bill Gates

George Washington

Jesus Christ

Princess Diana
One Page Paran Analysis One Page Paran Analysis One Page Paran Analysis One Page Paran Analysis One Page Paran Analysis
Full Starlight Report       Full Starlight Report

You can also order a Full Fixed Star report for your own chart.

The concepts in these reports will be different to other astrological printouts that you have seen so we suggest that you read the section below and then look at one of the short One-Page Paran analysis or let us email you your paran one page analysis for free.

How to read a Paran Analysis Listing

Due to the daily rotation of the earth, stars and planets will rise, culminate, set, and be on the nadir at different times throughout the course of the 24 hours of the day. If at any stage a star is on one of the four angles (rising, culminating, setting, or on the nadir), while at the same time a planet is also on any of these four places, then the star is linked to the planet via what is called a paran.

This method of parans is the most ancient way of working with fixed stars, and is the technique employed by Starlight.

Because parans are based on examining the times when stars and planets are at the key moments of their diurnal movement, the place and date of birth is important, but the actual time of birth is not required.
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