StarLogos - A short course in Visual Astrology

All lectures are flash presentation where you click, sit back and watch the Power Point presentation along with listening to the sound, so it is just like you are in the front row of the conference lecture.

Volume I - An introduction to Visual Astrology  - Visiting of the Babylonian constellations and focusing on the planets with the sky narratives of Mesopotamian astrology. Working with two delegate's sky maps showing the material the natal sky map adds to the natal chart.

     Special bonus tutorial -
How the planets appear to enter the underworld and then re emerge.

Volume II  - The Stars. -
An exploration of star phases the birth and death and journey to the underworld. Placing stars in the natal chart via parans. Reading delegates natal fixed star parans and showing how to use them in natal astrology.

     Special bonus tutorial  - Star Phases in slow motion PLUS Precession, watch it over 11,000 years.

Volume III  - Using Visual Astrology  - Mundane work, working with the Moon and the sky in culture. The Delegates talk of how they will use Visual Astrology.

      Special bonus tutorial  -  Pluto through the constellations PLUS The Ecliptic and the Horizon.


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