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The latest article by Bernadette Brady on Fixed stars published in the Astrological Association Journal, UK in January 2004. This article will give you much to think about as you study your own chart and start to link the fixed stars to your individual planets.

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Stars and Stripes (pdf file) An article by Bernadette Brady on the unique astrological nature of a location which occurs when the stars touch the earth. This article focuses on the impact of the changes in location made to the inauguration of US presidents over the last few hundred years. This is a must read article for any astrology how wants to look at the boarder picture.

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Gillian Helfgott

Patron of the Astrological Guild of Educators, International ...

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Joy Usher

"...I have always looked at the starry sky and yearned to know the stars and 'see' the constellations... referring to Starlight's sky map, we could start to identify the stars we were seeing above our head... It was so exciting to finally reconnect with the sky...".

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