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June  2006

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The Seven Years’ War, the World Cup and a Looming Nergal ...

When Saturn Dances with the Stars.


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This is a busy month for visual astrology. Firstly, whilst there is an abundance of action happening in the skies, there is also an abundance of action happening here. We are excited to announce the inaugural Visual Astrology Conference, to be held in Matjiesfontein, South Africa, (east of Cape Town) at a hidden tourist gem a long way from city lights where the night skies will be spectacular.

The conference, StarLogos - Under African Skies, is timed for a dark moon when the beautiful constellation Scorpius will be in full view. We have room for 50 people only and, since most astrologers living in the northern hemisphere have never really seen this wonderful constellation, let alone the starry southern sky, it promises to be an event to remember. We have selected this time period so we can link the spectacular skies with 4 days of intense sky-star and astrology sessions, so you truly can learn to find your way around the sky both in reality and through working with the fixed stars in your chart or in the charts of friends or clients. Therefore in conjunction with this announcement, we are also offering a limited number of Starlights at a special price. You can find further information about this at the end of this newsletter. In the meantime sit back and read about the visual astrology to look at and watch for in the next few month.



The Seven Years’ War, the World Cup and a Looming Nergal ...

 Bernadette Brady M.A.

In 1756 war broke out in Europe, North America, and India. It was an embattlement between France, Austria, Russia, Saxony, Sweden, and (after 1762) Spain, on the one side and Prussia, Great Britain, and Hanover on the other. Later Winston Churchill was to call the Seven Years’ War the real first world war, as all the major powers were involved in the conflict. Although this was not really a visual astrology event, at that time Pluto (in the tropical zodiac sign of Sagittarius) had moved into the most southern part of the constellation Serpentis (an asterism of Ophicuhus) while there was a Saturn –Neptune opposition between Leo and Aquarius (1756 – 57).

Pluto is once again moving to the most southern tip of Serpentis and while in that place, just as in 1756 - 57, Saturn and Neptune will form an opposition (not exact until early September, 2006) in the same two signs. Once again the world is going to “war”. However, this time thankfully it is expressing itself through the emotionally intense FIFA World Cup hosted in Berlin, Germany. Of all the world’s sporting events the World Cup is probably the most passionate battle for a single trophy. England, like many countries around the world, is currently awash with flags and brimming with national fever which would be alarming if it were not all focused into sport.

With the astrological similarity between today and the Seven Years’ War, one can also note that at the beginning of that earlier conflict Germany were at first victorious, while England preformed badly against the French. However, England changed her Prime Minister and went on to gain victories, while Germany.  suffered badly, losing Berlin to the Russians and only just managing to pull some credibility out of the fire through luck rather than force. The final outcome of the war, which ended in 1763, was the demise of the French, the emergence of England as a colonial super power and the establishment of Prussia (Germany) as a European force. 

Let us see how the replay of this cycle unfolds on the playing fields of Berlin over the next month, for whilst all of this is astrologically interesting, the real question is will the emotional and nationalistic fever of the World Cup be enough to soak up this astrological pattern? Furthermore, in this forthcoming month there will be a Saturn-Mars conjunction. However, as discussed in the April edition of this newsletter, this will not be seen in the upper latitudes (above 25 north ) of the northern hemisphere, as the planets will have already set in the northern hemisphere twilight. However, for the latitudes south of this, the Mars-Saturn conjunction will be visible and also stress by being part of the first sighting of the crescent moon on the 26 or 27 June. This is enough to indicate that a leader within Africa, South America, Indonesia or or Australasia will be challenged. However, the story does not end there.

Once Mars forms a conjunction with Saturn, it rapidly moves forward and joins with the great star of the king – Regulus (see below).

Regulus is a most sensitive star to such events. This is probably the most watched star in Babylonian star lore as any changes to it were considered difficult. The Babylonian priest Nabu-ahhe-eribaj in the 7th century B.C.E. wrote:

If Regulus is dark: the king will become
furious and will lead his notables out [for
killing], but he will return [...] and not kill
(them) and will get [......].

 And another priest, Nergal-etir wrote:

If a planet comes close to Regulus: the
son [of the king] who [lives] in a city on my
border will make a rebellion against his
father, but [will not seize the throne]; some
son of the king [will come out and seize] the
throne; he will restore [the temples] and es-
tablish sacrifices of the gods; he will provide
jointly for (all) the temples.

So now our story builds. The challenge to the king grows slowly in seriousness. And there is another key event that drops into this unfolding sky story. Within a few days of Mars moving over Regulus, the crown prince, Jupiter, currently so supportive of the king as it has been retrograding amongst the stars of the Scales (a placed linked to the king in Babylonian thinking), turns direct and begins to move away from the Scales into the stars of Scorpio and Antares. 

So what do we make of this sky drama? Firstly, we have a Mars-Saturn conjunction, seen to be appear in front of the first sighting of the crescent moon. Then within a few days of this, Mars moves over the Lion Star (Regulus) just as the protector of the King (Jupiter) changes direction and leaves the place of the king.

What these sky components suggest is that in late June a “king” becomes challenged. At first this challenge is not taken seriously. However, what unfolds later in the year is that the support that the “king” expected fails him and, as a result, he is deposed. Indeed by early December Jupiter the Crown Prince is joined by Nergal in Scorpio (see below), a strong indication of a kingly head rolling to the floor. 

We will return to this joining of Mars and Jupiter in Scorpio later in the year, but to my eyes working with Visual Astrology one or more of our world leaders are going to change and not necessarily by their own desire.  And yes, let us not forget that World Cup to see just how much the Seven Years War is being replayed.  England and Germany in the final? Germany being there by a stroke of luck?.. we will have to wait and see.



 [1]  Hunger, Herman. (1992). Astrological Reports to Assyrian Kings. Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki University Press. pg.25.

[2] id bid pg 137.


 When Saturn Dances with the Stars
Working with Fixed Stars in predictive work

By Darrelyn Gunzburg

In this issue of the Visual Astrology Newsletter I want to explore how predictive work for a client can be helped immensely by knowing what parans the planets and luminaries form with the fixed stars. Most of you know that one of my specialties is working with clients in grief (1). Often this is unresolved grief from many years past. So this case study explores how working with a client’s star parans can help you to shape and hone their predictive work when dealing with unresolved issues.

This particular client of mine has an strong Saturn - in rulership (Aquarius) in the 6th house conjunct Mercury and trine the MC, hence effective in realizing her plans through her work (6th) and career (MC) but it is also squaring her natal Neptune. This difficult square manifested when at the age of eight Saturn transited her MC as Neptune transited her IC for it was at this time that her farther drowned.

My client has an excellent reputation in her field, but underneath this responsible attitude she often felt vulnerable, harbouring fears of losing her partner with its roots firmly embedded with the tragic loss of her father. The potential of this unresolved grief in a chart could lead to all her future Saturn or Neptune transits stirring up these difficult issues which could lead to loss of relationship and alienation of friends, so the question for the astrologer is can she resolve these problems or will they plague her for the rest of her life, with every Saturn or Neptune transit?

The answer to this question may often be found by looking to the star parans. In paran to her Saturn and Mercury are the following stars: 

In the years of her prime, two stars moved onto the stage of her life in paran with her natal Mercury, Deneb Adige the great sharman star and Sualocin from Delphinus, the dolphin.

Starlight says of my client’s Mercury culminating when Deneb Adige is culminating:
An idea-magician; the poet, the actor or the shaman

 and of my client’s Mercury culminating when Sualocin is culminating:
Playfulness with truth and facts, a different way of seeing the world

One could say that she entered the years of her prime when she stepped into the freelance business world and, as the idea-magician (Mercury -Deneb Adige) with a different way of seeing the world (Mercury-Sualocin), began to put forward her own concepts of strategic planning and market development as a freelance consultant.

The only fixed star which sits in paran with her Saturn is Schedar which occurs in her latter years.

 Starlight says of my client’s Saturn setting when Schedar is setting:
To strive for dignity in one’s work

To have a star-planet connection in one’s latter years means that one gains the gifts that it offers when one is older and, as astrologers, we know that Saturn requires maturity for it to develop its qualities of responsible action, authority and reputation.

All of these three stars are positive, supportive and talk of being able to move through her issues but only once she is older. Thus as her astrologer I could see that it was only a matter of time before she resolved the bottled grief of her early years and gained the self-respect and dignity that the Saturn-Schedar promises.

In late April 2006, with transiting Saturn again the 12th house and again opposing the Saturn-Mercury, an event occurred which finally allowed my client to give voice to her bottled grief  (Mercury-Deneb Adige) and take on a new way of seeing the world (Mercury-Sualocin). My client contacted me with the sad news that her beloved animal friend, her fifteen year old dog, had died. As she worked with the grief from this loss, so she was finally able to talk about her repressed fears with her partner. Her fear began to lose its power over her and she gained a different way of seeing the world (Mercury -Sualocin).  

Brady, writing in Starlight, tells us that:

“Schedar is the archetypal symbol of the queen, with a natural ability to command respect, wisdom, to take a leadership role based on the feminine model which incorporates intuition and mysticism, just as the masculine model incorporates strength and focus. This star is a strong woman who demands dignity and rules by the power of her respectability and honour. With her in your chart you can rely on your desire to always function with propriety, to treat others as you would like to be treated, to know that your dignity is the source of your power.”

Hence in finding this new platform for her voice, my client has opened the doorway for her Saturn-Schedar to work better for her as she gets older. For dignity in one’s work only begins with self-dignity.


1. Life After Grief: An Astrological Guide to Dealing With Loss (Wessex Astrologer, 2004) and  Living with Change: The Astrology of Dealing with Crisis - Astro Logos Studyshop.

[1] Brady, Bernadette. (1999). Brady’s Book of Fixed Stars, Samuel Weiser Inc: York Beach, Maine.

Note: All the meanings of star and planet parans quoted are taken from Starlight Software. © Barnswood Ltd and Bernadette Brady.



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