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October 2007

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In this issue: 
A focus on
Myanmar (Burma)
Monks and Moons a country's pattern of lunar eclipses 
Aung San Suu Kyi : a women who holds the hopes of a nation and rules from the underworld

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Introduction: A recap on last month’s newsletter

A moon with unwashed feet, Mars in the horns of the great bull of heaven and Saturn, the king sitting with the king-star Regulus. These were the themes of last month’s newsletter (September, 2007 in A strong King employs a henchman to remove a threat, and the weather turns cold and wet…. ) and in this article I suggested that a leader would make one of their generals a scapegoat and that this would be in the areas where the moon was seen to rise or set with “unwashed feet”.

What has happened, however, is quite different but still within the symbolism of the current sky narrative. So in the interest of learning visual astrology, this newsletter is focused on Burma and its strong relationship to lunar eclipses when they rise with unwashed feet.

A note from Darrelyn ... In the last VAN I noted that there were only two Ras's in the sky. Thanks to Prudence Jones for pointing out that there are four, or actually five: Algol, the Head of the Medusa held by Perseus, was called Ras al Ghul by the Arabs which means the Head of the Demon; and in the head of Draco the Dragon are Rastaban and Rastaben - the Dragon's Eyes.

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  Monks and Moons:
A country's pattern of lunar eclipses 

Bernadette Brady M.A.

Burma is a country which proclaimed its independence from India at a carefully selected time chosen by Burmese astrologers. Yet one could suggest that its history since independence is probably not one that was foreseen by those astrologers and indeed not one that would have been consciously chosen.

Burma became independent from India on the 4 January 1948, at 4.20am, considered a most auspicious time [2].  

However, the Burmese astrologers in 1948 would not have been aware of the brooding fixed star parans that were mixed with this natal chart on that day. 

Briefly, Pluto was in paran to Alderamin, the alpha star in Cepheus the King, and such a paran defined as

“The dictator, an obsessed leader”.

Adding to this, Pluto was also in paran with Zuben Elgenubi, one of the claws of the Scorpion and now one of the scales of Libra. I defined this combination in Starlight as:

“The people seek a utopia”


Burma - Independence 4 January 1948,
4.20 am Rangoon, Burma (Campion:106)


This is a difficult mix of idealism and the love of power and within 14 years of the joy of independence, the Burmese people lost their dream of a utopia and gained a military dictatorship in its place. 


These Pluto parans were not the only difficulties with the carefully selected chart. On this day in 1948 the Heliacal Rising star was Facies. This is the star which defines the nature or quality of the journey of life. Every country, like a person, has to mature and the heliacal rising star is the pathway to this maturity. To have Facies in this position is defined as walking in “The shadow of war, the darkness of cruelty or aggression.”   


Thus Burma’s chart for independence is one which shows a young country of an ancient culture that must struggle with idealism and dictatorship as it reaches for its future.


Given this background and aware of the latest lunar eclipse (27 August 2007) rising with unwashed feet over Burma (see September, 2007 newsletter), I was most interested when, on 21st September, the Alliance of All Burmese Buddhist Monks proclaimed the Burmese government “the enemy of the people”.


Such words from the Buddhist monks of Burma echo the letters of the Mesopotamian priest/astrologers who, when observing a lunar eclipse rising over their country back in 650 B.C.E., defined it as a moon rising with unwashed feet and proclaimed great difficulties for the enemies of their country [1]. Could this last eclipse, then, be of importance in the story of the struggle of the Burmese people?


Burma’s fight for freedom and its links to times of lunar eclipses

Since its independence Burma has experienced key times of civil unrest and each one of these has occurred at the time of a lunar eclipse which occurred at the time of Moon rise over Rangoon and thus defined as rising with "unwashed feet".

Eclipse of February 1962 - The successful military coup
On 19 February, 1962, there was a lunar eclipse which occurred as the Moon rose over Burma and within a few weeks of this event, the fledgling democratic government was overthrown by a military coup lead by General Ne Win (2 March 1962).

Now globally this was a difficult time as Pluto was sitting in the back of the Lion near the star Zosma – the place where Hercules broke its back as part of the ruthless overthrowing of the old religion in favour of the new solar religion of Zeus. At the same time Uranus was sitting on Regulus, the king star in Leo [3]. 

This visual sky narrative expressed its themes by the overthrowing of a democratic government by General Ne Win who claimed “kingship” over Burma.

Here the lunar eclipse producing a Moon with unwashed feet rising over Burma was seemingly beneficial for the ruling military junta, the people with all the power, and clearly was a disadvantage for the majority of Burma's citizens who were those that had little power.


Pluto in the back of the Lion as
 Uranus joined with the King star, Regulus.


Lunar Eclipse November, 1974 - Death of U-Thant
After the coup of 1962, 14 years passed before there was any large civil unrest in the country. This was around the time of the first Saturn Return to the Independence chart and on 25 November, 1974 the loved and respected elder and leader, U-Thant, died. The people responded with collective mourning but the military government's refusal to bury U-Thant with any national honour or ceremony resulted in an uprising of both the student and the civilian population. On 29th November, 1974, there was another lunar eclipse which also rose with unwashed feet over Burma and the civilian unrest was crushed by the military junta on 11th December, 1974.  Once again the Lunar eclipse favoured the ones who held the power.

Lunar Eclipse August 1988 - The 8888-Uprising
Another 14 years passed. On 8th August, 1988, a peaceful civil movement began in protest of the military government’s economic mismanagement. This became known as the 8888-Uprising. The uprising spread in influence throughout the country and on 27th August, 1988, there was a lunar eclipse which once again rose over Burma with “unwashed feet”.  This new uprising grew in strength when the Buddhist monks of Burma joined its ranks. However, by 17th September, 1988, the uprising was crushed by the military with the loss of over 3000 monks and citizens. Once again it would seem that the lunar eclipse was favouring the rulers of the country - those with the military power. 

Elections and Neptune transits

On 27th May, 1990, the Burmese government held free elections for the first time in almost 30 years. The National League for Democracy (NLD), the party of Aung San Suu Kyi, won 392 out of a total 489 seats, but the election results were annulled by the military government (the SLORC) which refused to step down[4].  Aung San Suu Kyi – Prime Minister elect, born 19th June, 1945, Rangoon, Burma – has been under house arrest and is currently apparently in hiding. There were no lunar eclipses active at the time (within a few weeks of the elections). However, transiting Neptune was moving over the Sun and Mercury in Burma’s Independence chart (given above), a combination that suggests that these elections were not going to be legally upheld but also a combination that suggest to us astrologically that the chart is a valid chart for Burma.

Lunar Eclipse August, 2007 - the current uprising


The current period of unrest began on 18th August, 2007, when the government raised the price of fuel by 500%  to cover budget deficits caused through salary increases for the civil servants and the cost of moving to a new capital, renamed Naypyidaw which means “seat of kings”. This fuel price triggering events is an interesting expression of the current Saturn-Neptune opposition.

On the 27th August, 2007, once again a lunar eclipse rose with unwashed feet over Burma and there is now another period of civil unrest. Once again, as in the case in the 8888-Uprising, the protestors have been joined by an estimated 2,000 Buddhist monks who, on the 19th September, 2007, staged a protest march in the city of Sittwe. Larger protests in Rangoon and elsewhere ensued over the following days. Security by the military became increasingly heavy- handed, resulting in a number of deaths and injuries. By 28th September, internet access and mobile phone links had been cut and journalists reputedly warned not to report on protests, and the junta began to attack the Buddhist monks.

Military junta establishing itself in its new capital name Naypyidaw "seat of kings". March 2006.  


Tables turned as the military is declared the "enemy of the people"

One of the last news items released before the country was sealed to western journalism was the announcement, as I have already stated, on 21st September by the Alliance of All Burmese Buddhist Monks  describing the military government as "the enemy of the people".


Coming from the “other” major ruling class in Burma, the Buddhist monks, could this turn the eclipse pattern around? Are these words from the priests of Burma enough to turn the tables of the expression of the eclipse and swing its difficulties back on the military regime?

For if the military regime is now seen as the enemy of the country, then this lunar eclipse may prove to be most difficult for the military and possibly most helpful for the monks and the people of Burma. 

As the world media showed us pictures of the uniquely-coloured Burmese monks with their robes of red and orange marching in protest, I was reminded that at this moment Mars is visually sitting between the horns of the charging bull of Taurus, and that Saturn, which is always so linked to kingship, has replaced the military coup’s Uranus sitting on the king star of Regulus.

Lastly to help this “turning of the tables”, transiting Uranus is currently on the IC of the Burmese Independence Chart – just to help this shift of structure.

So the sky narrative and the mundane astrology tell us that the government in Myanmar is ripe for change and the most recent news is that monks that have escaped the regime crack-down last week and are now leaving the monasteries and taking up arms against the government. Mars has truly stirred, and now we watch and wait.

[1] Hunger, Herman. (1992). Astrological Reports to Assyrian Kings. Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki University Press. pg 62.
[2] According to Campion, (pg 106).

[3] Although
definitely not a naked eye visual statement I have found that the outer planet's movement through the constellations quiet important for understanding mundane events.
[4] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myanmar
   accessed 1 October, 2007.



Aung San Suu Kyi
a women who holds the hopes of a nation and rules from the underworld

Darrelyn Gunzburg


A Buddhist, Suu Kyi is
has been detained for the last 18 years. The recent photo of her (right) shows the effects and strain of her detention.


Prime Minister elect - Burma


At this time of unrest in Myanmar, it is appropriate to consider the visual astrology and fixed stars in the chart of Aung San Suu Kyi, pro-democracy activist and leader of the National League for Democracy in Myanmar, and a noted prisoner of conscience and advocate of non-violent resistance.

According to the results of the 1990 general election, Suu Kyi earned the right to be Prime Minister, but the election was annulled by the military junta and she was placed under detention.


The Visual Astrology in Suu Kyi’s chart

We do not have a birth time for Suu Kyi. However, we can still work with her chart in visual astrology for we do not need the time of birth to look at her star parans and her natal sky story.  

Ishtar and Nergal

On the day she was born Venus was nearly 45 degrees ahead of the Sun, and thus was a bright and glorious morning rising star. 

Venus was also radiating Mars - giving its light to the warrior planet -  and thus increasing Mars' energy.

This simple visual statement suggests that she is immensely assertive and self-motivating.

Both Mars and Venus are also visible as they have left the underworld, (the place of planets and stars when they are close to the sun), so this great passion being expressed by their conjunction is evident in the mundane world.  

Furthermore Mars is travelling through the stars of  Aries, also known as The Hired Man, which is associated with the mercenary in war. Whilst we would not place such a callous meaning on this for Suu Kyi, it is clear that she is using herself as an example to fight for the rights of her people.


Aung San Suu Kyi - born 19 June, 1945,
Rangoon, Burma. No birth time.

Cetus the Whale
As well, in her skymap, this bright, assertive radiating Venus with the might of Mars beside her, stares into the face of Cetus the Whale. Brady [1] notes that the whale in the sky represents the human collective unconscious and can erupt like a beast from the deep, bearing with equal probability moments of great collective insight or chaos and mayhem. Again this articulates how Suu Kyi is unafraid of taking a position against the military junta in order to achieve something for the collective, in this case, the people of Myanmar.

Aung San Suu Kyi - on the day of her birth with Mars and Venus
staring into the jaws of Cetus the Whale

We see this passion and rage coming to the fore for Suu Kyi in 1988. Her mother had a severe stroke in March and Suu Kyi flew to Rangoon to help care for her at hospital. In July. General Ne Win, military dictator of Burma since 1962 resigned amidst popular demonstrations of protest. In August there was mass uprising throughout country and violent suppression by the military killed thousands (the 8888- Uprising mentioned above).


Suu Kyi, took her first political action and sent an open letter to the government, asking for the formation of an independent consultative committee to prepare multi-party elections. She gave her first public speech, addressing several hundred thousand people outside Shwedagon Pagoda, and called for democratic government. In September, the military established the State Law and Order Restoration Council (SLORC), banning political gatherings of more than four persons. There were arrests and sentencing without trial.

Parliamentary elections were to be held, but the expectation was that the multiplicity of parties would prevent a clear result. The National League for Democracy (NLD) with a policy of non-violence and civil disobedience was formed, with Suu Kyi its general-secretary. Defying bans, Suu Kyi went on a speech-making tour throughout country from
October to December. In late December her mother, Daw Khin Kyi died at age of seventy-six and Suu Kyi vowed that as her father and mother had served the people of Burma, so too would she, even unto death. She won the election in a landslide. However, the ruling junta  refused to step down.


The parans that sit underneath Suu Kyi's Venus and Mars

We can gain added insight by considering the fixed stars that are in paran with Suu Kyi’s Venus and Mars. The first paran to her Mars is Mirfak:

 Mirfak as Mars is rising
A person who uses aggression, or raw physical energy, as an instrument of change

Mirfak is the star in the warrior, Perseus, and is the concept of the young warrior proud of his strength, his hunting, fighting abilities and of his trophy. Occurring in her young years, this is perhaps encapsulated initially by her father being assassinated when she was two, an event that would eventually propel her to take a political stance and devote her life to her country.


 Arcturus as Mars is on the Nadir
An assertive, and at times aggressive, leader

Arcturus is the star in Bootes, the Hunter who now farms, and he symbolises the transition from the nomadic hunter-gather to the herder-cultivator-ploughman-village. He also represents one who can lead the way as a pathfinder and make transitions to create a better way of life for others. Since it underpins this focused Mars, it suggest that Suu Kyi’s stance will bring eventually change and reformation to the government of Myanmar.  

as Venus is Setting

Happy relationship and to be blessed with good friends

Acubens is the star in the scarab beetle of life, linked with the energy of life-giving, the Gateway of Life, and thus to the concept of resurrection. It is often involved with bringing in new life in some way or helping in the process of death.

Honoured with the Rafto Prize and the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought in 1990 and the Nobel Peace Prize in 1991for her peaceful and non-violent struggle under a military dictatorship, Suu Kyi’s voice has been heard across the world. Through being in paran with Acubens, her Venus understands that by her actions, she is the bringer of new life.

In her own words, she writes:

There is nothing to compare with the courage of ordinary people whose names are unknown and whose sacrifices pass unnoticed. The courage that dares without recognition, without the protection of media attention, is a courage that humbles and inspires and reaffirms our faith in humanity. Such courage I have seen years after years.[2]

Saturn, The King

With these parans in mind, look at her natal chart above. Saturn, the King is with the Sun and thus he is in the underworld. In traditional astrology this is considered combust or under the sun's beams but in visual astrology it is suggestive that the planet works in the "other" world, another place, in another way. So for Suu Kyi her Saturn is detained or held captive there, forced to consider other, more alternate ways of expressing "kingship". She is forced to be the king in hiding.

In 1991 the SLORC offered to free Suu Kyi if she left Burma and withdrew from politics. She rejected this offer. SLORC has changed its name to the State Peace and Development Council, but its repressive policies and violation of human rights continue unabated.

In conclusion...

One might ask what it takes to exhibit the raw courage of  Suu Kyi to continue to stay in a country where military violence seem so embedded when they offer her the opportunity to leave? However, in considering the visual astrology and the fixed stars connected with her chart, it is clear that hers is a life annealed in toughness, a true leader acting as a symbol of hope for her people, unafraid to look Cetus in the face, knowing at some level that she ushers in resurrection and change.





Brady, Bernadette (1999). Brady's Book of Fixed Stars, Maine: Samuel Weiser
Aung San Suu Kyi (1996). Letters From Burma.

General biographical background:

http://nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/peace/laureates/1991/kyi-bio.html - accessed 6th October 2007.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aung_San_Suu_Kyi - accessed 6th October 2007.



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