Visual Astrology and Elections - a brief recap on the British elections; and underlining the usefulness of visual astrology as one of the tools in the astrologers toolbox. 

Oil Spills and Greek Bailouts... A look at two 'melt downs' that the world is trying to contain.

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Visual Astrology and Elections

A brief recap on the British Election
by Bernadette Brady

A bit of praise for Visual Astrology - Last month we talked of the forthcoming elections and also of the unique feature of the UK latitude and the way the ecliptic slopes to the horizon which gave us a long and extended Sulpa'e Jupiter. This is a Jupiter that is seen to rise in the early dawn light. This combination suggested that, firstly, the battle was between the two Crown Princes, and that, secondly, as the moon was going to ride over over the top of Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, and the Sun, we suggested that this indicated that no final decision was going to be made for some days after the election.

Prime Minister David Cameron (left) of the Conservative Party with his coalition partner the Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg (right), leader of the Liberal Democrats.

Thus in the April newsletter we concluded that, in this period 'some form of compromise will have been made politically between these two "princes".' Now it should be noted that this style of parliament, the joining of two political parties to form a majority, had not existed in Britain since WWII, so it was not the expected outcome of the election. The point to be underlined I think is that visual astrology painted a simple picture of the election results, just as we did in September 2008 with the US elections. It removes all personalities from such events and enables the astrologer to examine the way that the 'celestial wind is blowing' without all the distractions of press releases, natal charts of candidates, possible charts for a country, and the many factors with which astrologers can become enmeshed. Indeed for mundane events visual astrology provides the astrologer with a powerful tool.

[Note: If you are interested is learning more about how to do this then we have just put out a new Studyshop, which is the San Francisco workshop on Visual Astrology - click here for more information]

The two 'crown princes' are in a honeymoon period and the media in the UK will be quick to pounce on any signs of tension or stress. However, adding to this story is another simple fact - Venus grows brighter every evening. To whom does she give her light? What or who is she radiating? Venus is radiating the heavenly twins, wonderfully and metaphorically encapsulated by the 'double-act' of the current English Prime Minister and his Deputy, portrayed in the media as almost equal strength.

Of an evening between now and the middle of June go outside and have a look to the west and see for yourselves Venus shining on Castor and Pollux.

Oil Spills and Greek Bailouts

Bernadette Brady MA

There are two events which are running in parallel at the moment. On 20th April an explosion occurred on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig in the Gulf of Mexico. Eleven workers were killed and since then oil flowing into the Gulf of Mexico has caused an unchecked environmental disaster. At the same time in Europe another system broke down - the Greek economy. By late April the Greek economy suddenly collapsed. To prevent the disaster from spreading to Spain and Portugal, the rest of the European Union was required to find a large and fast 'bailout' in order to keep the Greek economy 'afloat'.  By 3rd May the EU had agreed to a total of $146 billion of funds for Greece, the largest single 'bailout' of a country in history. 

Left: The oil spill as of 26th May; and above, the 'spill' in the Euro zone: Greece (red) Spain and Portugal (pink).

The shock waves and anger in the US over the oil spill is shaking up the whole concept of underwater drilling and the oil industry; the shock waves and anger in Europe is threatening to break up the European Union even unto suggestions that the single currency of the Euro needs to be abandoned. These stories are running parallel, in timing as well as in the style of language used to describe them. It would seem that money and economics have language similar to those of the oil industry. We all know that whatever the outcome of the above two situations, there will be serious consequences, for Europe, for the economy, for the oil industry and most importantly also for the environment.  

The sky map in next few weeks

Whilst some astrologers have been blaming Mercury going retrograde, a deeper story emerges in the sky map, not one we can use to predict but instead one we can use to seek to understand.

These crises and their consequences can be understood in terms of the current Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn pattern but we can also understand it as a part of the story of Neptune. Currently Neptune is transiting through the stars of Aquarius and will continue to do so until 2017. As many readers would be aware, the stars of Aquarius are connected with bountifulness and in the West this translates to money matters. We have dealt with this in detail in previous newsletters (see March 2008)

But now possibility we can see Neptune in the Great Water Bearer as emphasising the need to understand that oil and water do not mix. The slow movement of Neptune could be considered as a part of the background statements about this issue as well as the current global financial crises and even suggest that the consequences from both these issues will not resolve until 2017. This would not be a surprise to many readers.


To add to the picture in the more immediate future, in early June Mars moves over the top of Regulus in the Heart of the Lion, and at the same time forms an opposition to Neptune. Mars moves across Regulus every orbital period (every 686.98 days or every 1 year, 10-to-11 months.) However, a Mars-Regulus combination was not viewed favourable by the Assyrian astrologer priests of the 7th century BCE. There are two references to this combination in Hungerís translations which read:

 'Mars stands in it: fall of cattle is all lands: the plantation of dates and sesame will not prosper.'[1]

 'If the Wolf star [reaches] the Lion star: far-off days[Ö] for the land.' [2]

The complex picture is that this problematic Mars with Regulus opposes the difficultly of Neptune in the stars of Aquarius.

Now consider the phase of Mars.


The Phases of Mars

Like all planets Mars has phases, and the mythology of Nergal (Mars) and his union with his lover Ereshkigal (Venus) talks of three types of Mars.


Firstly there is the peaceful hard-working Mars when he is in the heavens with the rest of the gods (planets). However, Mars' nature changes to anger and frustration when he descends down into the Underworld through the seven gate-keepers to join his lover. In this part of his story, Nergal simply kills the gate-keepers that block his path. When he is finally in the Underworld with his lover he is focused and passionate, only to once again become agitated when leaving the Underworld to climb back into the night sky as his lover, Ereshkigal, calls for his return.[3] See the newsletter for April 2006 for this mythology in greater detail.

The Mesopotamian Nergal


Thus in the first 10 days of June, as Mars moves over the top of Regulus, opposing Neptune, it is in the phase of descending into the Underworld, so is more inclined towards anger and rash action. This by itself should not raise any concern, except that there are two others 'players' on the stage at the moment.


On 3rd and 4th of June a bright moon moves into the stars of Aquarius just as a radiating Venus moves over Wasat, in Gemini, the star which is in itself a 'turning' star, a place where the world changes, a place of beginnings and ends.


Sky map for 5th June 2010 showing Mars on top of Regulus in the stars of Leo
 and a bright Venus radiating Wasat in the stars of Gemini.


These two stories - the Gulf oil spill and the Greece Bailout - are 'hot', so to speak, being reflected or reflections of the sky story. What is being suggested is that the first few weeks of June will see big developments in both these stories - things moving to a resolution or a point of no return. For those of us seeking a greater understanding of visual astrology it is a time to watch with 'sky awareness'.


In your own life, at the moment, you may well find that things are happening in pairs which seem to be running parallel in their development. If you are struggling for the resolution of an issue, then it is highly likely that around the 5th to 10th June this issues will take a sudden turn which forces the issue one way or the other. 





1. Hunger, Herman. (1992). Astrological Reports to Assyrian Kings. Helsinki, Finland: Helsinki University Press. p.105

2.  Hunger, Herman.  Astrological Reports to Assyrian Kings. p.27

3.  see, Dalley, Stephanie. (2000). Myths from Mesopotamia. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press

Issue No. 65
May, 2010

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In brief...

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A consideration of the parallel stories of the Gulf oil spill and the Greek economic 'spill'.

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June 2010

Saturn continues its occupation of the wing of Virgo and will now be high in the sky at sunset.  On the night of 18th June the First Quarter Moon will (for those in the Northern Hemisphere) pass underneath Saturn.

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Venus is now a bright evening star. On 14th June the Moon joins her in the early evening  between the constellations Gemini and Cancer. This should be a lovely sight if the sky is clear for you. 


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