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May 2007


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Three Goodbyes... When the snake and the lion walk the land


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We are only days away now from the Visual Astrology Conference in South Africa and we know that from the intensity of four days out in the desert underneath the dome of heaven we will gain many new insights into visual astrology, the stars and the sky. Hopefully it will all find its way into these pages over the coming months and even years. 
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Three Goodbyes....   
When the
snake and the lion walk the land
 Bernadette Brady M.A.          

In this last few weeks we have seen three leaders of Europe bid Farwell, either to their power or their mortal life. Readers of this newsletter will recall that in March we looked at the visual astrology of the lunar eclipse which occurred on 3rd March this year and was visible over Europe. Titled A Shuffling of Crowns A Blood Moon over Europe, it surmised that European "crowns" would change hands this summer, for the "visual" astrology showed the eclipse amongst the stars of Leo, a constellation associated with the king, while Saturn, the planet linked to the king, was nearby (see image below).



Since this eclipse three leaders, past and present, have left the scene. Some of these departures are expected. The British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who has been in power since 2nd May 1997, indicated that he would stand down this summer and has just announced he will leave office on 27th June 2007, after 10 years as leader. At the same time the French President, Jacques Chirac, who assumed the presidency on 17 May 1995, is also stepping down from that position on 16th May 2007, after 12 years in office.

In Russia the retired leader Boris Yeltsin, who was the first president of the Russian Federation, serving from 1991 to 1999, died on 23 April 2007 - not a current leader but still one of the faces of our modern Europe.


Jacques Chirac
French President
17 May 1995 -
16 May 2007

Boris Yeltsin
Russian President
1991- 1999

Died 23 April, 2007

Tony Blair
British Prime Minster
2 May 1997 -
 27 June 2007



The three were the leaders of France, Russia and Britain through the latter part of the 1990s and all have been linked to this particular "blood moon" over Europe, discussed in March. However, all three are also linked to the star Alphard, the Heart of the Serpent. 


 The constellation Leo, rises with the Hydra, whose alpha star is that of Alphard, known as the Heart of the Serpent.

 Marduk, the king with his snake dragon


This star, Alphard, is associated with kingship through its visual link to the constellation Leo, and this link has been immortalized in Mesopotamian imagery as the king, frequently pictured with the sacred snake-dragon. So it is interesting to note the following:

Jacques Chirac  - on the day he was born Alphard moved over his IC - the bottom of the sky - just as his natal Moon was setting, thereby linking by paran his Moon and the snake star, Alphard, in a dance of intensity and leadership. Starlight suggests of this combination: A ruthless attitude to life, a passion for nature or one's own pursuits, but because the star was on the IC this intensity emerges in the latter part of his life


Tony Blair - on the day he was born Alphard culminated as his moon moved over his IC - thus giving us the same meaning - A ruthless attitude to life, a passion for nature or one's own pursuits - but for Tony Blair this is seen in his prime and is the energy that drives him to claim the crown of the British leader and to been seen as ruthlessly pursuing what he thinks is best for the country.


Boris Yeltsin - on the day he was born Alphard moved over his IC - the bottom of the sky - just as his natal Venus was setting, thereby linking by paran his Venus and the snake star, Alphard. Starlight suggests of this combination: Harshly judged or treated in matters of money, relationships or social attitudes, and with the star on the IC, this harsh judgment comes to pass in his latter years. Yeltsin was elected with a majority of 57% which made him the most popular leader ever known in Russia. However, by the time he resigned, his popularity was only 2%, with many making harsh judgments around his time as leader and his personality. 


Thus the blood moon over Europe has removed three leaders whose charts have been linked to the themes of the snake and the lion. In their place there are two new faces.

Nicolas Sarkozy takes over the French Presidency on 16th May 2007, and in that wonderful way that astrology - both visual and horoscopic - pulls threads together to form a great pattern, Sarkozy was born, not with Alphard forming a paran to his natal planets, but rather with his ascendant itself embedded with the imagery of the the king and the snake.



Nicolas Sarkozy
born as the imagery
of the snake and the lion were rising (left).

The heir apparent to the British Prime Ministership is Gordon Brown, whose chart shows no relationship to Alphard, nor to the imagery of the snake and the lion. So, unlike the three European leaders leaving under the blood moon, and the new French President who belongs so strongly to this theme, Gordon Brown is a different mix, a different pattern. Whether this is indicative of the fact that he will actually take the leadership or not, or whether it means that he will be shortlived in the position, only time will tell. However, the man challenging Gordon Brown for the leadership is a man who has a strong link with the snake and the lion. John Donnell may not win the leadership in the coming weeks here in the UK but I think that he will not be a man to go away.



Regardless of these changes, there is one thing of which I am fairly confident - there will be some more changes to monarchies or leaderships in Europe over this summer.

Brady, Bernadette. (1998). Brady's Book of Fixed Stars. York Beach, Maine USA: Samuel Weiser, Inc.
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