Issue No. 79
July 2011

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May 2011
The new saros series.

June 2011
More on Saros Series 13 South, new.

June 2009
Facies in Sagitarius - Green Passion or Red Devil.

November 2010
The Bow of the Archer, a consideration of the importance of the bow of Sagittarius.


This issue revisits the new Saro Series in the light of recent occurrrances in order to better understand the nature of this 'newcomer' on the block. It also pays homage to singer Amy Winehouse in the light of her unexpected death at the age of 27.

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August 2011

Saturn is now getting low in the west at sunset. By the end of the month Saturn will start to dissapear in the light of the sun.

Jupiter moves into the Stare of Cetus. A difficult month for young rulers or young contenders, particulary when the Moon joins it on the 20th of the month.

Mars rising early before the Sun each morning now moves into the stars of Gemini. By the latter part of the month it will be around Wasat, the place where Pluto crosses the ecliptic, and as such this place in the sky talks of 'endings', deaths, and irreversible change.

Venus is now with the Sun - on 22 August the Sun and Venus both join with Regulus, the heart of the Lion.

The crescent of the New Moon will be in the stars of Leo around 2nd and 3rd August.

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Heavenly Discourses: Myth, Astronomy and Culture
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21st April 2012
The Bolton Astrological Society Spring Conference.
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24-29 May, 2012
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UAC 2012
Bernadette Brady on Fate and Free Will in Astrology and Darrelyn Gunzburg on visual astrology. visit the UAC web site.

























































The Newcomer Shows its Colours - The new Saros Cycle which is now with us for the next 1200 years.
Final Frames: Back to Black - Amy Winehouse and her natal sky maps


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A Note:

Last month in the Visual Astrology Sky Happenings of the June 2011 newsletter - we noted:

'Mars now moves into the horns of the Great Cosmic Bull. This is a time of action, to literally 'take the bull by the horns'. On 28 July it will sit with the Moon right on the tip of the horns - not a good day for rash actions.'

6 days earlier we saw the hideous events in Norway. One would never predict this type of event. Planets on the horns of the great bull are always intensly action-orientated. If you are interested in mundane events it is worth keeping an eye on the Cosmic Bull.


A changing world
The Newcomer Shows its Colours
One last comment on Saros Series 13 South New
By Bernadette Brady M.A.

Eclipses It has been a big month in our small world. Early in the month here in the UK we saw an end to the power the Murdoch 'empire' has held over the UK government for the last 40 or so years. We also saw the emergence of the threat the extreme right in Norway with the unimaginable terror and heartbreak of the one man shooting spree, an event that changes forever the view of terrorism and its breeding grounds. Finally we have also seen a change in the US political landscape with the right wing Tea Party seemingly wresting control of fiscal power from the Congress and the White House.

The world has changed in the last month but how it has changed seems, to me, to be more revelatory about the hidden power behind systems, the forcible revelation of truth - good or bad.  

Much has been written astrologically already about the last month and most of it is valid. Pluto, Mars, South node bespeaks such events. However, for me the question is always, 'Why this Pluto, Mars, south node when another time such planetary combinations can just slide by us with barely a ripple in the collective'? The answer to this question, from my perspective, is contained within one of those unique occurrances in astrology – eclipses. As a saros series watcher, the last month offered one of those rare events in an astrologer's life when you can actually observe and take note of the beginnings of a unique new series, rather than researching history.  


Saros series are different configurations in astrology, for they are not the return of a cycle with a long period, like the orbit of Pluto. They are, in fact, unique and linear. They begin, they take 1200 years to run their course and then they end, never to be repeated. So they are that rare beast in astrology – non-cyclic.


When they begin they offer the world a new symbol, a new idea, a new way of seeing.  One of my interests in astrology, as many of you know, is to focus on these rare beasts and try and understand these symbols. The symbol of this newcomer, that humankind must now live with for better or for worse for 1200 years, is brutishly focused on power, money, media and terror, harshly revealing what was always there, hidden from view.   
We now have 1200 years to sort out these issues.

This new symbol or energy has come to live amongst us. It is not an invader but,  I believe, one that has emerged from our actions and expections. Embedded in the human global community it has found its voice. We will now be re-engaging  with this symbol every 18 years. The next encounter is on 11 July 2029, then again on the 22 July 2047, again on 2 August 2065, and again, staying within this century, on 13 August 2083. It will continue then until the 33rd century.  However, now every time it returns it will produce a powerful month where truth is forced to the surface no matter the cost. The actual events of course will depend on what truths we have buried.



Final Frames — Back to Black:
In memory of Amy Winehouse

By Darrelyn Gunzburg

Amy Winehouse

Left: Amy Winehouse arrives at the annual "Nationwide Mercury Music Prize" in London 2004. Middle: The new look of 2006, sailor tattoos and beehive hair. Right: Winehouse performing in 2007.

Amy Jade Winehouse (aleha shalom) born 14 September 1983, 22:25 GDT, Enfield, London, England [1] died on 23 July 2011. At 10:00 am on Saturday morning she told her bodyguard that she wanted to sleep. When he went to wake her around 16:00 she wasn’t breathing. Rigor mortis had already set in, suggesting she had been dead for hours. Deeply shocked he called emergency services. No drugs were found in the house and an official from the coroner's office said that the death was not suspicious.[2] Her family believes her death may have been caused by her sudden withdrawal from alcohol in the final three weeks of her life. Doctors had suggested a gradual cut back from her heavy drinking. Winehouse ignored them and stopped drinking altogether. Medical authorities suggest that the shock of sudden withdrawal could have precipitated a terminal seizure.[3]

Such a talent. Such a loss. And for those who are left behind, her loved ones, the
y-e-a-r-s of grief. The funeral was held at Edgwarebury Cemetery and after the service Winehouse's body was taken to Golders Green Crematorium, 5 miles NW of Charing Cross, London, to be cremated. It's uncanny now seeing her 'Back To Black' video, filmed at Abney Park cemetery, with Winehouse watching her own heart being buried, as if she was showing herself her own future, emphasized in the final frames with the words 'RIP The Heart of Amy Winehouse.' There is merit in the notion that we send messages back to ourself from the future, just as we need to send messages back from now with hindsight to our 'past' self to help ease that journey.

Amy Winehouse ChartHer horoscope

Looking at her natal horoscope one would be hard pressed not to notice her first quarter Moon conjunct Neptune [4] conjunct the South Node in the 7th house and to recognize its contribution to her drug and alcohol addiction.

However, it is when we look at the sky map that we begin to understand the depth of the pain that was involved in this part of her chart.




Amy Winehouse Sky Map

Above: Amy Winehouse her sky map showing the Moon and Neptune setting in the west at the time she was born.

Amy Winehouse’s Sky Map - The western horizon

Amy and the ArcherSetting in the west in Amy Winehouse’s Sky Map the Moon and Neptune sit on the top half of the bow of The Archer and in his direct sightline. The Archer is the deadly warrior of Sagittarius whose piercing eyesight, strength and rock-steady stance created the cold, calculating and feared attacker of the ancient world, still alive in today’s world, killing without compunction. The Moon rides underneath Neptune, indicating that Neptune is unharnessed and has the greater power in this connection.

The Moon-Neptune suggests a child empathically connected to her mother even before birth, and whose total merging with mother in the womb, and then with the world around her after her birth, manifests as bodily and emotional confusion, a lack of emotional and physical discrimination leading to an addictive personality. The spectrum of how this might become evident ranges from a susceptibility to allergies, prescription drugs or — as in Winehouse’s case — full blown drug and alcohol dependence. It requires deep faith (Neptune) in one’s body (the Moon), trust (Neptune) in one’s emotions (the Moon), clarity of boundaries between self and other. It offers a deeply connected spiritual life as much as it offers charisma, glamour and illusion. Ironically Winehouse’s mother, Janis, is a pharmacist, embodying a mother (Moon) connected with medical remedies (Neptune). Charles B.Shaw in his column in The Huffington Post online entitled ‘Chasing Amy: Prohibition & the Infantilization Of Addiction’ described Winehouse as ‘a deeply sensitive being overwhelmed by her life, and thus, medicating her way through it.’[5]

One could argue that, that sitting in her 7th house, all her intimate relationships, through whichever shape they took, were with The Archer who shot and pierced her body (the Moon) with the drugs of Neptune.

The conjunction of Neptune with the South Node adds a gateway to chaos. Brady writes of the South Node as:

… a place where we do not feel comfortable because we do not control it. It is the gate through which things can crash into our world, unplanned, uncontrolled, unscheduled and definitely unintentional. So the achievement or gains made in this place are by accident rather than design. It is a gateway to a territory which offers us confusion rather than adventure.  Yet within those woods lie unused resources that are ours for the collecting if we are prepared to accept the unscheduled chaos that has just crashed into our world and learn skills we may not have intended to learn.[6]

Winehouse personalized this chaos of emotional pain through the 7th house of committed relationships, writing achingly in her song lyrics of ‘unreliable ex-boyfriends, illicit sex and her devotion to marijuana’.[7]

The eastern horizon

Additionally, rising in the east and lying above that eastern horizon and along it at the time of her birth was Cetus, the Sea Monster, carrying hidden issues from deep within the collective. Those issues found a ready voice in Winehouse. Lyrics that were intensely autobiographical, a voice that was suffused with gritty realism, the more complicated her personal life became, the more successful she became as an artist.[8]

Amy Winehouse - East

Above: The eastern side of Amy Winehouse's her sky map showing Cetus rising for the time she was born.

At the same time Aldebaran one of the great stars in the sky and a Royal Stars of Persia, the Watcher in the East, was rising in her skymap. Such a prominent position gave Winehouse charisma, and offered her glory, success and happiness. Yet it came with a price. She could only achieve this if she could maintain her integrity.[9] ‘Integrity’ doesn’t just mean adherence to moral and ethical principles. It also refers to the state of being whole, complete, an unimpaired condition as in ‘the integrity of a ship's hull’. Her dance with The Archer presented her with an untenable paradox: to merge or not to merge, to maintain clear boundaries or to succumb to an alcoholic haze and a drug-filled escape from reality.

Finally and ironically it was her decision to ‘cold turkey’ her alcohol addiction, to finally put in place the bastions against a shattered life (Aldebaran on the Ascendant)  that allowed The Archer’s arrow to reach its mark.

It was a short intense life and took only two albums that spoke across generations before Amy Winehouse could succumb to the arrow and feel her way back to black. 



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