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July 2008

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Equus naissance - a new view of the sky horses, Pegasus and Equuleus

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Equus naissance
new view of the sky horses, Pegasus and Equuleus
Darrelyn Gunzburg

In Visual Astrology we consider the first twenty-four hours of a person’s life (sunrise to sunrise) as being relevant when taking into account the narrative into which someone is born. It is logical to consider the planets and the journeys they make through the constellations as having the most potency in this story, along with the parans the natal planets form with the fixed stars. However, in working with clients using visual astrology it is becoming increasingly clear that, if the birth time is known, there is a sub-narrative, a background theme that emerges over the course of a person’s life. This concerns the sky pictures that collect around horizon for the time and date of birth and which appear to have relevance to the client’s emergent pattern.


Depending on the client’s latitude of birth, these images will have a particular orientation as they rise and this adds further information to the story.  


Let me show you an example highlighting Pegasus:

Exploding into birth - born with the horses


Figure 1 - The Horses. A natal sky map showing the constellations and their
 orientation on the eastern horizon at the time of birth, natal chart shown in figure 2.


The ecliptic in figure 1 shows the constellation Aquarius rising in the east at the time my client was born. She does not have any planets travelling through the constellation the Water Bearer, as her natal Mars in the zodiac sign of Aquarius (figure 2) is actually amongst the stars of Capricorn. However, circling Aquarius are (clockwise from a northern hemisphere orientation) the constellations Pegasus, the winged horse, Cygnus, the swan, and Aquila, the eagle (see figure 3). To the south of the ecliptic there is Capricornius, the sea-goat, Pisces Austrinus, the Southern Fish who drinks from the urn of Aquarius, Cetus the Whale, and Pisces, the Fishes (see figure 4).

This is a part of the sky that is filled with creatures of the air (birds and horses with wings) north of the ecliptic and water (a sea-goat,  fishes, an urn of water) and a whale, south of the ecliptic.

Figure 2 - Client born: 30 March 1943, Chicago, Illinois at 4:57 am CST  - natal sky map in figure 1.





Figure 3: The constellations of the air, north of the ecliptic, around the horizon at the time of birth.
Aquila (left), Cygnus (centre) and Pegasus and Equuleus (right)






Figure 4 : the constellations
of the water, south of the ecliptic, around the horizon at the time of birth.

Aquarius  (upper left), Capricorn  (upper centre) and Pisces Austrinus
 (upper right)

Pisces the fishes (left)
 and Cetus the Whale (right)


Once can ask whether one of these constellations takes visual presence over the others. For my client born at sunrise, the dominant sky picture was Pegasus and Equuleus hanging low to the horizon (see figure 1). If she had been born in London, UK, or even Perth, Western Australia, not only would the ecliptic be inclined at a different angle but the orientation of the sky pictures would have been greatly altered and the horses may not have figured in the story. However, it was so for my client.

The Story of Pegasus

From 12,000 BCE to up to only a hundred or so years ago horses were a core component in the lives of humans and considered sacred. Brady [1] also notes how horses were a part of the transition culture that led from the hunter-gather (Palaeolithic) to the cultivating Neolithic villages. So Pegasus and Equuleus, the horses in the sky,  embody the concept of the sacred horse. Visually in the sky Pegasus materializes from the neck of Andromeda, and this description is echoed by the Greeks in the story of Medusa. Medusa is a beautiful woman seduced by the god Poseidon and they spend a night of passion in the temple of Athena. In so doing Medusa becomes pregnant but Athena's rage curses her to turn men to stone. So she hides herself away, caught in a stuck state. In the myth she is only released from this stuck state when she is slain by Perseus. Upon her death Pegasus, the child of the union with Poseidon, is then "born" by emerging from her neck.

This mythology merged with the visuals of the square of Pegasus associated by ancient people with the notion of the four compass points and the division of the year into four sections via the movement of the Sun on its journey (the two equinoxes and the two solstices), so the great magical square of Pegasus, the sacred horse, along with its sense of action and speed also became associated with knowledge and learning.  Thus we could say that in this image there is the theme of animal instinct twinned with intellect, the sacred given a framework by number but only after a release from a stuck state.

What might this mean for my client and anyone who has Pegasus predominant? To have the constellation Aquarius rising in the east at the time of my client’s birth with Pegasus sitting above the horizon may mean that, like the myth of Medusa, something in her life has to change so that Pegasus can be released. In so doing, she is then showered with the blessings and abundance of The Water Bearer, the constellation Aquarius.



Here is my client’s story

In 2004 when my client was sixty years of age, she was test riding a horse as a prelude to buying him. My client had been a horse-lover for many years and the man who owned him was a trusted colleague and a skilled horseman with fifty years experience. He took my client out on the trails of a remote mesa in Santa Fe, New Mexico. However, on returning from the ride and within sight of his small ranch, the horse bolted. My client was thrown from her seat, landed on her left buttock and shattered the left side of her pelvis. 


The following day when she was prostrate in hospital on a morphine drip and in complete shock, the man confessed to my client that this horse had had a number of bolting experiences with him prior to this event, as well as with his wrangler and another client of his, a woman, who had also been thrown.  


My client writes: 

Three medical professionals have since told me that I should have died on the mesa that afternoon from traumatic shock, since the rescue squad could not get to me for about two hours.  That began a dreadful odyssey through incompetent medical care for the next several months. I actually had to do an online search to find an expert in pelvic trauma and was successful at doing so. I had extreme orthopaedic surgery to repair the broken bones and now have twelve screws and probably a foot of bicycle chain screwed in to hold the bones together so that they would knit.  The surgery was successful. The surgeons were elegant and magnificent expressions of Martian energies and skills, but I am still recovering from it, as the surgery itself is extremely traumatic. I shall probably be ‘rehabbing’ for the rest of my life. I have been an active person lifelong, just returning to the world of the horse clan after a forty year hiatus, a passionate gardener for thirty years, and a devotee of wilderness hiking and camping. Sadly I ‘lost’ my body with this accident, and while I am determinedly working at coming back and absolutely to get back in the saddle, my body will never be the same.  I am in a measure of pain, albeit manageable, most of the time and am still quite limited in my stamina and strength. We have 12.5 acres and a barn for our six horses. In spite of the physical challenges, I have returned to gardening and am learning the intricacies of growing things in the high desert (we are at 7,000 feet on the western edge of the Rockies). Thanks to the gods for the horses, as they have been instrumental in my healing.  They are amazing allies. 

This extreme experience of my client being ‘released' from her horse is in an uncanny reversal of Pegasus being released from the neck of Andromeda or Medusa, and as Medusa was killed, so it resulted in the ‘death’ of my client’s body as she knew it previously. Yet this death received the benediction and blessings of The Water Bearer, experienced as a fount of energy within her that was determined and forceful, focused and spirited, rather than being an incident that crushed her spirit and her will to walk.


Certainly other people born at this latitude will also have the same sky picture and thus may have experienced a traumatic transition from a stuck state when Pegasus is born which we are calling an equus naissance. Indeed it would be interesting to hear from readers who have also encountered this style of traumatic transition associated with Pegasus. These will, of course, be in ways that are specific and unique to your sky narrative, for what personalizes each person’s story is its orientation at the moment of birth - rising, setting or maybe culminating above your head.

A more public example... Christopher Reeve

Actor, writer, director, lobbyist Christopher Reeve, born 25th September 1952, 3:30 am New York NY, has The Water Bearer on his Descendant and Pegasus parallel to the ecliptic, about to race down into the other world below the horizon, see figure 5.


Figure 5 - Christopher Reeve, natal sky map showing the western horizon at the time of his birth - Pegasus and Equuleus are on the horizon.

Reeve made his first appearance at the Williamstown Theatre festival at the age of fifteen. After graduating from Cornell University in 1974, Reeve pursued his dream of acting, studying at Juilliard under the legendary John Houseman. He made his Broadway debut opposite Katharine Hepburn in “A Matter of Gravity” in 1976 and then went on to distinguish himself in a variety of stage, screen and television roles before taking on the role of Superman.

Reeve took up horse riding in 1985 after learning to ride for the film Anna Karenina. He trained at Martha's Vineyard and by 1989 he began eventing. As with every other sport and activity in which he participated (sailing, scuba diving, skiing, aviation, windsurfing, cycling, gliding, parasailing, mountain climbing, baseball, tennis), he took horse riding seriously and was intensely competitive with it. On May 27, 1995, at the Commonwealth Dressage and Combined Training Association finals at the Commonwealth Park equestrian centre in Culpeper, Virginia, his horse started the jump over the third fence, and then suddenly stopped. Reeve held on and the bridle, the bit, and the reins were pulled off the horse and tied his hands together. He landed headfirst on the other side of the fence. His helmet prevented any brain damage but the impact of his 215 pound (98 kg) body hitting the ground shattered his first and second vertebrae. Reeve had not been breathing for three minutes before paramedics arrived. He was taken to the local hospital, and then flown by helicopter to the University of Virginia Medical Centre.[3]

The accident turned his life around. Using his public status, Reeve gave a human face to spinal cord injury. He formed the Christopher Reeve Foundation (CRF), a national, nonprofit organization, to support research to develop effective treatments and a cure for paralysis caused by spinal cord injury and other central nervous system disorders and lobbied endlessly in a spectrum of ways to help improve the quality of life for people with disabilities, all the time continuing to act and direct film and write books. Christopher Reeve died October 10, 2004 of heart failure. He was fifty-two years old.

It would seem that Christopher Reeve, like my client, also experienced an equus naissance, the traumatic birth of a new life from a stuck state. Is this part of the role of Pegasus and Equuleus, the horses in the sky?


1.Brady, Bernadette (1998). Brady’s Book of fixed Stars, York Beach: Samuel Weiser, Inc., p.177.
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