Visions of Heaven - an exhibition you can own.
A Picture is worth a 1000 words
 - A brief look at Colonel Gaddafi's sky map, plus his progressed parans. 

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A Note: Something special...
Visions of Heaven
15-23 October 2011
The Bristol Gallery, Millenium Promenade, Harbourside, Bristol, UK
Curated by Darrelyn Gunzburg

David Malin

           Do you love deep space images? Have you every wished for the 'real thing'?

Visions of Heaven, held in conjunction with the Heavenly Discourses conference, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the moment when human beings first left the planet and gave us a different perspective of the sky. David Malin also captured a new and startling different perspective of the sky using a unique 3-colour imaging process based on Maxwell's (1891) additive system. Now the norm, Malin was the first person to use this process for astronomical colour images and part of that process bears his name, ‘malinisation’. The 69 images of the exhibition are all for sale, so even if you are unable to join us, you can still avail yourself of the rare opportunity to purchase an exquisitely printed (using Giclée Printing) framed image, glazed with non-reflective glass and signed by David Malin, including a Certificate of Authentication. These are one-off editions.

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A picture is worth a 1000 words
 A look brief look at Colonel Gaddafi's sky map
By Bernadette Brady M.A.

With the Arab spring turning to summer a vital piece of the puzzle has been the fall of Colonel Gaddafi's regime and the liberation of Libya.

Increasingly we find that the sky narrative into which one is born almost tells its own story. Such an example is the sky map of Colonel Gaddafi. He was born on 7 June 1942 near the town of Surt, Libya 31N12' and 16E35'. There is, of course, no birth time. However, one does not need a time of birth to look at his sky story.


Colonel Gaddafi' natal sky map - 7 June 1942 in Surt, Libya.

Muammar Muhammad al-Gaddafi is born with a cluster of planets in Gemini, as can be seen from his un-timed birth chart given below. However, when we look at these planets in the sky they portray a dynamic and aggressive image. His natal Sun sits in the horns of the great Cosmic Bull, this mighty creature that 'makes' the world, that creates new concepts by bold action. Added to this, Gaddafi's Mercury sits on the tip of the Bull's right horn. Here is a potent symbol of the ruthless use of words or policies. Furthermore Jupiter, the Crown Prince in Mesopotamian astrology, sits right on the tip of the club of Orion the Warrior of the sky. This combination would be difficult enough but additionally his Saturn, the King, not only rides on the shoulders of the Bull but is totally involved in these ruthless plans. This is the sky map of an aggressive forthright individual who will not brook any resistance to his plans. 

One of the ways of 'drilling' further into the sky map and the chart is to take a look at the fixed star which are in paran to his planets.

Focusing just on Gaddafi's natal Sun, with its commanding position between the horns of the Cosmic Bull we see the following:

Colonel Gaddafi - 7 June 1942, Surt, Libya
No birth time, noon chart with 0 Aries rising.


Gaddafi's Sun is in paran with Sadalmelek  which is defined in Starlight as: An optimistic, but uncompassionate, attitude. This normally positive star shows its dark side with its blinding optimism which leads to an inability or a lack of concern with the wellbeing of others.

Then his Sun is in paran with Regulus, the star which is the Heart of the Lion. This star always gives success but only as long as revenge is avoided. In Starlight it is delineated as: To receive honours and awards, provided one avoids matters of vengeance. 

Finally Gaddafi has his Sun in paran with the brightest star in the sky, Sirius  and Starlight defines this combination as, 'Sudden success which can burn.'

This Sun, in the horns of the Cosmic Bull is totally empowered to act but with Regulus now turning on him, along with Sirius, all this success can turn to ashes.

Progressions - walking one's life through the sky

Since Gaddafi was born on 7 June 1942 this mighty Gaddafi Sun has been progressing, and now in this year of 2011 his progressed Sun, that carries all this power, has moved into paran with two key stars: Algol and Menkar. Algol is the Head of Medusa in the constellation Perseus. Linked with the Sun its meaning is 'Passion that can inspire or destroy'. We arre witnessing this destruction nightly on the news. The other star is Menkar, in the jaws of Cetus the sea monster. Menkar embraces everything to do with the great tides of events that can sweep mere humans into and out of power. It is delineated in Starlight as, 'Great success or great loss; to be a pawn in the winds of change.'

These progressions are self-explanatory.

Note: If you own Starlight you can look at your own progressions both in the sky map as well as the progressed parans by (i) setting the animation to step forward 1 day at a time; and then (ii) simply click it and count, with the first click being the year after your birth to the last click being 2011 - or whatever year you want to examine.

Issue No. 80
August 2011

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In this issue we look at a small part of Colonel Gaddafi's sky map as well as introduce the concept of progressed parans. 

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September 2011

Saturn is seen  setting with the Sun. However, by 10 - 13 September it will no longer be visible. It will stay 'in the other place' till mid-November. If Gaddafi does re-emerge it will be in November. However, it may be that just as Saturn disappears so will he.   

Jupiter stands in the Stare of Cetus. The moon will join it on 16 September. This is a dangerous time for anyone seeking to hold too much power.

Mars is now sitting on Wasat, the place where Pluto crosses the ecliptic, and as such this place in the sky talks of 'endings', deaths, and irreversible change. However, as the month progresses it will move into the stars of Cancer.

Venus is now with the Sun and cannot be seen until the end of the month as a small evening star.

The crescent of the New Moon on 27 Sept will be in the stars of Virgo - in the wing which is a place of exile.

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