The Hydra and the Raven have the final say... A reconsideration of the negotiatory  nature of the Evening Star Venus and her retrograde path into the Raven, the Cup and the Hydra.

Horseless Carriage, One - Pedestrian, Nil... A look at the first road motor accident in the UK on its 114the anniversary.

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 The Hydra and the Raven have the final say...
a recap on July's Sky Story.  

Bernadette Brady M.A.

Last month I talked of the beautiful sky image of Mars, Saturn and Venus being linked with the crescent moon. In scanning history there were few examples on which to draw but one theme was of floods. In the Netherlands in 1421 in April and November when there was a similar sky narrative there were floods which drowned over 100,000 people. Last month the idea of floods was a casual line in the newsletter as I could not see any symbolism which reflected the theme of floods. So I placed the historical search results in the basket of 'coincidence'.

However, the sky always teaches us, and as the month unfolded from the crescent moon through its phases, we have seen the worst floods in Pakistan's living memory with millions of people displaced and suffering. (For those who wish to donate, there is the UK's Red Cross appeal site or the USA Red Cross appeal).  

Notwithstanding the seriousness of these floods, the main thrust of the July article was a consideration of the meaning of a bright Evening Venus. The indications from the origins of astrology was that at times of conflict it is a marker of negotiation. In the last newsletter Darrelyn's article referred to Australia's general election held in the midst of this sky story on 21 August. The result was a hung parliament with, as of the time of writing, no party being able to form a government. It has been 70 years since Australia was in this political no-man's land and the resulting confusion is producing many twists and turns in the political narrative. One of these twists is the idea of a mixed parliament, an idea which represents a radical change of thinking from the normal polarising and bitter politics between Right and Left. 

The Sky Steals the Election

One only engages in negotiation if there is a need for it, when each of the parties holds some level of power or moral high ground and no one party or person can take control.  By holding the election at this time Australian politics has become swept up in this sky narrative. Indeed by holding an election at this time they sought a majority at the very time when a clear majority was not to be had. Instead the election has been  'stolen' by the struggle or dance of Venus and Mars. It has become joined to it as a living expression of a cosmic story, giving us an image of an ensouled sky flowing into an ensouled earth.  Indeed any country holding an election at this time would have fallen into this sky story.

'they sought a majority at the very time when clear majority was not to be had.'

Yet, for me,  the most interesting point for visual astrology is not that Australia is in this miasma of debate but rather that, due to their election in this period, they are being forced down a path of reconciliation or compromise. Last month I asked the question: does an Evening Star Venus represent negotiation  or compromise? And this month we have seen an answer to that question - yes it does!

This theme of compromise continues until the three days of the dark moon of 6 - 9 September. 

So Australia may well have to wait till then to begin to get any political clarity. Additionally on a personal level, this is how long you will also need to wait before you begin to get some clarity into your own current events.

However, there is another interesting twist. The struggle for the top job in Australia is between the first ever female Prime Minster, Julie Gillard, and the leader of the conservative (Liberal) party, Tony Abbot,  either together representing this dance of Venus and Mars, or with Venus representing the Australian people and Mars the political battle. Either way in early October Venus turns retrograde and separates from Mars, plunging downwards towards the Hydra, the Raven and the Cup. So Venus turns away from Mars and goes to a deeply emotional and intuitive place.

The Hydra with the Raven on her back will be the arbitrators of this decision and their decision will turn on a 'sixpence' based on their instincts. This is a deeply animalistic and intuitive part of the sky that brooks no games. One senses for Australian politics that the slightest smell of scandal or lack of clarity will swing the balance.

Hence if Venus is the Australian people, then they will go back to the polls and this time return a decisive statement to their politicians. The nature of this statement will be an unforgiving and ruthless ballot box return which will favour the candidates that are seen to have moral integrity.

On a personal level the same applies to our own daily lives. You may be in a power struggle at the moment in dealing with others. Maybe this is not going as smoothly as you wish. However, by being patient and as clear as possible, what appears to be a tangled mess will in late September or early October suddenly resolve, swiftly, quickly and decisively.



Horseless Carriage One, - Pedestrian, Nil

 Darrelyn Gunzburg

On 17 August, 1896, exactly 114 years ago, labourer's wife Bridget Driscoll, 44, attended a Catholic League of the Cross fete at the Crystal Palace in south-east London with her 16-year-old daughter, May, and a friend. At that time there were fewer than 20 petrol cars in Britain, so a nearby motoring exhibition was an uncommon sight and one of wonderment.

So when Arthur Edsall working for the Anglo-French Motor Co and who had been driving only three weeks, zig-zagged towards the three of them in his imported Roger-Benz, Bridget Driscoll was caught unawares. Since there were no licence requirements to drive a car, Edsall had been given no instruction as to which side of the road he must drive. Although the car's maximum speed was 8mph, its speed had been deliberately limited. Domestic servant Florence Ashmore said that that the car went at a 'tremendous pace', like a fire engine - 'as fast as a good horse could gallop'.  

Bridget Driscoll, the first UK road death in 1896.


Edsall claimed that he was only doing 4mph. One of Mr Edsell's two passengers during the exhibition ride, Ellen Standing, said she heard the driver shout ‘stand back’ and then the car swerved, giving her a ‘peculiar sensation’. May Driscoll asserted that the driver ‘did not seem to understand what he was doing’. Edsall declared that he had rung his bell and shouted.

The upshot was that the car swerved, Bridget Driscoll hesitated and seemed ‘bewildered’, the car knocked her down and ran over her. Thus Bridget Driscoll became the UK's first road traffic fatality with the jury returning a verdict of accidental death. According to the the matter-of-fact newspaper reports at the time gave no hint of public outrage or hysteria at this new menace, and the coroner told the inquest that he hoped hers would be the last death in this sort of accident.
  The Roger Benz Horseless Carriage of 1896


Now 114 year later, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents estimates that  more than 550,000 people have been killed on Britain's roads since then, and campaigning charity RoadPeace assesses that almost 4,000 people are killed on the world's roads every day.


We don’t have Bridget Driscoll’s birth data. However, we do have this date in history that prefaced the beginning of road deaths in the UK. I thought it would be interesting to see what stories the sky was telling on that day and what fixed star parans underpinned this historic event on the 17 August, 1896, London, UK


Mars on the shoulder of the Great Bull

One of the most striking elements of the sky map is Mars/ Nergal the warrior riding on the shoulders of the Great Bull.


The myth of the Great Bull or El, worshipped throughout Syria, was mixed with the myth of Ahura Mazda, known as the Bull-Slayer, who seized a great wild bull by the horns and rode him to exhaustion. Having won this battle, he slayed the bull and his wounds and spilt blood produced life for the earth.

In this sky map another warrior rides the bull. However, this bullish motor-car is out of the driver's control and exhausts itself when it hits another body. Rather than the motor-car (the bull) dying, it is Bridget Driscoll who is ‘slain’.


The sky map and constellation image for the 17 August, 1896 - the first road death in the UK 


Neptune in the horns of the Great Bull

Although not visible in the sky, sitting on the horns of the Bull was Neptune. Neptune is the energy of that which is yin, intuitive and empathic. It is also nebulous and at times is also the powerless victim. Bridget Driscoll was reported as being ‘bewildered’ as the car motored towards her. In this sky map it could be said that Neptune on the horns of the Bull depicted Bridget Driscoll but also the powerlessness and indiscrimination of Neptune where a motor accident can take the life of the rich and famous as easily as members of the poor working classes.


Mundane parans


Moving from the sky narrative of that day we can also look at the mundane parans.[2] These are the parans which are delineated with an eye to mundane events rather than personal birth charts. 


Firstly, the heliacal rising and setting stars for this day reflect the annual recurring themes for this latitude every year and hence also reflect this event:



Sirius - The potential of an historical event


Sirius the brightest star in the sky, in the constellation Canis Major, will take small personal actions and seek to link them with great or sacred moments. Thus an individual can be sacrificed to the whole to allow a new direction to emerge.



Altair - A time of bold action

Altair is the star of Aquila the Eagle and is associated with bold actions and risk-taking.


The mundane parans to The Moon, Venus, Saturn and Uranus also describe this event:


Moon - The Emotions of the People

On the nadir when Alcyone was culminating

A woman's crime, or difficult feminist issues


Venus - The Social Conventions

Culminating when Rigel was setting

A new social order, the imposing of a social order, or new policies
by the ruling group


Saturn - The Law and Civic Order

Rising when Zuben Eschamali was rising

The needs of the nation outweigh the needs of the individual

Culminating when Facies is rising

An attack on civil rights or groups of people

 Uranus - Public opinion, Public expectations

On the nadir when Zosma was rising 

A controversial, or upsetting, outcome



In conclusion…


Nowadays and perhaps to our detriment, we are no longer surprised by road deaths.

This small mundane case study explores the very first road death in the UK, the players involved, and the naivety of judgement that followed in thinking that this might be the last death of this kind. The simple image of Mars/Nergal riding the bull with Neptune in its horns emphasized this naivety. The mundane parans emphasized the potency of the sky that it continues to reflect mundane events on earth.





 1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-109876

 2. For those readers who own Starlight you can see the Mundane Parans for any date and place by selecting the 'Text 1' button and then choosing 'Mundane Parans'. Also these parans are listed in, Brady, Bernadette (2008). Star and Planet Combinations, Bournemouth: The Wessex Astrologer.


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Issue No. 68
August, 2010

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In brief...

Revisiting the sky story of August and the Australian election. PLUS.... the sky story and parans of the first road motor accident in the UK.

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Saturn continues its occupation of the wing of Virgo but now it begins its journey into the 'other' world and will disappear into the Sun's light. It will not emerge again until mid-October. A time for inner work rather than outer glory!

Jupiter continues with its phase of Sagmegar, free of the sun and rising in the early evening light, tightly bound with Uranus at a point that Aratus called the 'twisting', the place were the ecliptic cuts the equator - or as we know it now, an equinox point.

Mars - By the end of August Mars starts to disconnect from Venus. On 11 September we see it once again the Moon, with a bright Venus and both shining on Mars. However, for most of us this will be very low in the sky at sunset.

Venus continues her time as a bright evening star.  By late September Venus drops in the sky below Mars getting ready to dive across the top of  the stars of the Hydra and go into the 'other' world when we lose her as a bight evening star.



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